(def shef): (def shef 43) Writing a tile-matching game, FP style

Ever wondered how to write a tile-matching game (like Candy Crush and the earlier Bejeweled)? Traditionally game developers would write a game - the graphics, state, and user interaction - in an imperative style, but recently the functional approach is getting more popular.

Hakim Cassimally (BBC, Manchester LambdaLounge) has been exploring the process of developing a tile-matching game in Clojure. He'll present present some of the basics of modelling the game grid, and playing a basic event loop, introducing some important concepts in functional programming and simple game development.

This is a beginner-friendly talk.

Where and When? Showroom Workstation in Sheffield City Centre, Jan 9th. Talk starts at 7pm.

What do I need? You don't need anything. Bring a laptop if you want to try some of the ideas in the talk. Try the Clojure Getting Started page (clojure.org) if it's your first time with Clojure and come along at 6:30pm if you need any help setting up.

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Tickets: www.eventbrite.co.uk

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