(def shef)

Functional Programming meetup in Sheffield, taking place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

  • It's time for the Monad Challenges!

    They're a set a problems designed to be a hands-on introduction to Monads, written in Haskell. A fairly basic knowledge of Haskell is required and the concepts you'll need to understand are listed on the Monad Challenges page. You'll also a computer and a working Haskell environment. If you're just getting started, there's plenty of tutorials out there like learnyouahaskell.com that should get you set up and cover off the concepts.

    All experience levels welcome. I'm a Haskell beginner myself, so I'm doing these tutorials to prepare! If you're struggling with the language or the concepts, come along anyway and we'll help you!

    Thanks to Mat for suggesting this topic!

    (def shef) thanks Sky Betting and Gaming for kindly sponsoring this event. One of the Sunday Times' Top 100 companies to work for based in Leeds and Sheffield, there are roles available now.