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Functional Programming meetup in Sheffield, taking place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

  • John Stovin presents "Audio Synthesis in F#"

    Specifically, John will share with you how reactive event handling and lazy sequences can be used together to create a simple software-based audio synthesizer.

    No knowledge of signal processing theory is required. John will start with a simple, non-technical and non-mathematical explanation of the basic concepts of digital signal processing. John will then build on that explanation to show how to design a basic signal flow and processing elements using pure functional elements, and how to make this signal flow interact with external devices in real time.

    F# topics covered will include: Seq & List; Event Handling; Sequence comprehension; Higher-order functions, particularly unfold.

    If you would like to follow along with code during the talk, you will need a Windows laptop (John's code currently only supports Windows audio) with an audio card, F# and an editor.