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  • Join the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster members and steering committee for an open and interactive discussion, more details to follow on topics!

    This is a network for sharing knowledge and best practice amongst Yorkshires cybersecurity professionals so please come armed with your views, experiences and questions.

    This will be hosted on Google Meets using Slido for audience participation.

  • The Sheffield Meta-Meetup is the meetup for people who organise meetups, and those who would like to.

    It's an opportunity for organisers to meet and exchange tips, collaborate and pool resources in order to make each other's events more successful. Many of the meetups are 'tech meetups', but not all - the meta-meetup is open to anyone who organises regular events around particular topics or for specific communities in Sheffield. This edition of the Meta-Meetup will take place online. The format of the Meta Meetup is in three parts:

    6:00 - 6:30pm Intro and ice-breakers.
    6:30 - 7:00pm Short talks.
    7:00 - 7:30pm "Open space" breakout room discussions.
    The 'open space' discussion will either be for all attendees at once, or we'll split into individual breakout rooms depending on how many people there are. The discussions will be on topics chosen by the participants. Each new topic is introduced with a question. Participants can provide opening questions by writing them in the chat...

  • A tech treat for all those interested in IoT.

    Hear from our IoT interns (Pitch-In project, The University of Sheffield), and find out how you can use low-cost sensor solutions with LoRaWAN in your organisations.

    Plus we have some excellent guest speakers talking IoT in manufacturing, healthcare and the response to Covid19.

    27 August
    Fabio Ciravegna, Uni of Sheffield - ‘Back to work safely - social distancing in the workplace’
    Martin Highett, Uni of Sheffield - ‘The digitisation of a pilot pharmaceutical manufacturing line: the benefits for teaching and industry’
    Michael Faulks, Ioetec - ‘Quantum threat to IoT’

  • Following our continued success of the lightning talks, we are hosting another round! We will be having 6 speakers doing a 10-15 minute lightning talks, if you would like to get involved please message me on meetup or twitter.

    ❗❗ 🌐 This is an online event, we'll be hosting the event on Zoom, the link for the meeting is below, however, we'll only announce the password just before the event.
    🔑 TBA

    A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or a similar forum. Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by different speakers in a single session, sometimes called a data blitz.


    👉 Device Code OAuth Flow for IoT
    👉 Listen up - Let’s talk about the System.Speech namespace
    👉 Pride and Prejudice and C#
    👉 Meadow F7 board
    👉 EF vs Dapper
    👉 A Real World On-Premise to Cloud Migration

    🔦 Device Code OAuth Flow for IoT
    OAuth is something all of us...

  • Ground-breaking conference bridging the gap between games educators and the games industry returns in April 2020.

    Influential games course leaders from further and higher education, leaders from prominent studios and technology companies, recruiters, 3rd sector organisations and students will continue last year’s animated debate about how the games industry and games educators could collaborate.

    Innovators will share how they are tackling deep-rooted challenges with employability, diversity, skills, apprenticeships and work placements within the industry. This year’s theme focuses on developing practical and actionable solutions to many of these challenges and will showcase inspirational examples and innovative programmes from across the UK.

    Join workshops, discussion sessions and debates with leading educators and industry figures. Collaborate to solve endemic problems facing these two sectors. The Summit will also spotlight students themselves, hearing from current and past...

  • Join us on Tuesday 8 September as we navigate across the globe, hearing from leading tech figures in Australia, Singapore, Europe, the UK and US to discover how to expand and scale in different regions post Covid-19, and the countries that are open for business.

    Hosted exclusively online, we’ll be kicking off down under at 8am BST, as we hear from leading investors, trade commissioners and tech founders in Australia. We’ll then be heading over to Singapore at 9:45am BST and Europe (Germany, Netherlands and France) at 11:30am BST. Then, after a short breather, we’ll be hearing from the UK at 2pm BST followed by a trip to the US at 4pm BST.

    As part of London Tech Week, we'll hear from a host of panel discussions, keynote speeches and fireside chats from around the world, featuring high-profile members of local tech hubs, giving you exclusive insight into what makes each region tick.

    So, grab your virtual passports, fasten your seatbelts, make sure your seat back and laptops are...

  • This event will be a single talk about Moving to Microservices: Containers vs Serverless with Mark Heath.

    ❗❗ 🌐 This is an online event, we'll be hosting the event on Zoom, the link for the meeting is below, however, we'll only announce the password just before the event.
    🔑 TBA

    📅 Agenda
    - 👋 Welcome
    - 🗑️ Housekeeping
    - 👨‍🏫 Moving to Microservices: Containers vs Serverless
    - 🍻 Virtual Bar

    👉 Moving to Microservices: Containers vs Serverless


    👨‍🏫 About the speaker

    Mark Heath is a Microsoft MVP and software developer based in Southampton, England, currently working as a Software Architect for NICE Systems. He creates courses for Pluralsight and is the author of several open-source libraries. He is currently specializes in architecting Azure based systems and audio programming.

  • This event will be split into two parts, Davide Zordan presenting Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer and the second half will be TBA presenting TBC.

    📅 Agenda
    - 👋 Welcome
    - 🗑️ Housekeeping
    - 👨‍🏫 Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer
    - 🍕 Food/Drinks
    - 👨‍🏫 TBA
    - 🍻 Social @

    👉 Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer

    We all see the cool demos of how augmented and virtual reality are going to be the future of our interaction with devices, but it often feels like there’s a significant barrier to getting started in building these types of apps.

    This session is here to help. If you’ve ever thought about developing for Oculus Rift S, HTC VIVE or the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but haven’t known where to start, this is the session for you.

    At DDD, I will present what I learned building a small game, set in a mysterious dungeon using Unity and the SteamVR plugin. We'll explore how to import asse...