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  • Steve Rimmer is the Founder and CEO of Tickets for Good.

    He’s a serial entrepreneur, over the last 10+ years previously founding a number of businesses including arts charity CADS Trust, DLS/The Night Kitchen Music Venue and the Party for the People ticketing agency.

    He’ll be talking about the Tickets for Good journey from launching initially as a for-good ticketing agency raising funds through ticketing sales, to creating their charity Ticket Bank model and then pivoting over lockdown to our new model of Tickets for Good support service workers / people doing good and work with the NHS over 2021.

    He’ll also touch on other projects including CADs.

  • This event will be a single talk about Getting Started with IoT on the Raspberry Pi by John Staveley

    ⚠️ This will be an in-person event in Sheffield (Hosted at Sheffield Technology Parks on Arundel Street)

    🗣 Introduction
    🍕 Pizza/Drinks
    👉 Getting Started with IoT on the Raspberry Pi
    🍻 Social @ Pub

    👉 Getting Started with IoT on the Raspberry Pi
    Ever wondered how to make your code physically interact with things in the real world? Got a home automation project in mind? We will cover:

    o) How to get started with Raspberry Pi and C#
    o) The numerous sensors and actuators you can control
    o) How to navigate basic electronics
    o) Different interfaces and how to program them
    o) Physical demonstrations of devices at work
    o) Azure IoT Hub to control your code from the cloud

    In this hands on session we learn how to get set up programming in C# on your Raspberry Pi. We will program it to move things using solenoids, servos, check sensor readings and of course, blow things up, all using C#...

  • If you are interested in working in a role that utilises digital technology, come along to find out more about job opportunities!

    The digital industry includes job roles such as software developer, game developer, project manager, data scientist, digital marketing manager, web designer, copywriter, social media, UI designer and many more.

    Employers including Plusnet and Sector Routeways will be attending this workshop to talk about the sector, jobs and progression paths. This workshop is aimed at people who have an interest in working in this area or developing skills in this industry. It is also aimed at those who may be interested in other roles within these businesses, such as administration.

    At this workshop, you'll be able to:

    • Find out more about different roles, careers, and organisations. You'll also be able to view a job vacancies board.

    • Talk to our CV Doctor - is your CV fit for purpose?

    • Visit our Application Station for advice on completing application...

  • Please note that this event is fully online, and the details are available once you RSVP. We will use Google Meet, which should work on any modern web browser without requiring a Google account.


    Welcome to GoSheffield! This is where the Go community in Sheffield meets once a month to talk about cool hacks and interesting technology.

    The meetup call will run from 18:30 until 19:30 London time (18:30 to 19:30 UTC), featuring:

    * Nest subscription? No, thanks: Proxying Google's SDM RTSP - Owain Llewellyn
    * A refreshing take on testing libraries: quicktest - Daniel Martí

    Please get in touch with the organisers if you'd like to give a talk. All topics and levels of experience are welcome!

    Since this meetup is entirely online, no food or drinks can be provided. Our online meetups will also be sponsor-free, given that there will be no expenses.

    To participate in the discussion, join from a quiet room where you can speak clearly and be understood properly. You can also join the call a...

  • The rapid advance of digital technologies has brought big changes to human movement measurement. But the constant evolution and ‘push’ of products and techniques can make it difficult to get the functionality and cost you need for your business to innovate and grow. How do you ensure value to your customers through best use of the data generated from these tools?

    Join us at our breakfast event on 15th February to hear from Dr Ben Heller and Dr Marcus Dunn from the Sports Engineering Research Group on the latest research and innovations in digital human movement measurement, and discuss how to answer the ‘so what?’ question of value to your business and customers.

    This event will provide an opportunity to network with other businesses in your sector, see the state-of-the-art facilities at our Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, and explore how collaborating with the university can help you drive growth in your business.

    You’ll also find out more about the potential funding oppo...

  • This event will be a double talk about Containerising and deploying .NET applications to AWS with CDK presented by Matt Laver and Migrating Windows workloads to AWS by Amir Khairalomoum

    ⚠️ This will be an in-person event in Sheffield (The venue is TBC)

    🗣 Introduction
    🍕 Pizza/Drinks
    👉 Containerising and deploying .NET applications to AWS with CDK
    👉 Migrating Windows workloads to AWS
    🍻 Social @ Pub

    👉 Containerising and deploying .NET applications to AWS with CDK
    This talk will cover the ease at which applications can be built and deployed to AWS. The session will cover infrastructure as code, Docker and even optimising for ARM/Graviton 2 for good measure and will be complemented with a technical walkthrough & demo.

    👨‍🏫 Matt Laver
    Matt Laver is a Solutions Architect at AWS working with SMB customers in the UK. He is passionate about DevOps and loves helping customers find simple solutions to difficult problems.

    👉 Migrating Windows worklo...

  • The Sheffield Digital Festival 2022 is coming. From the 9-13 May, join a celebration of creativity and technical excellence in our city. There will be an exciting schedule of in-person and virtual events, linked to this year’s theme: Our Future City. And we’ll be focusing on three streams of activity where the conversations and innovation are already setting Sheffield apart: HealthTech, Arts, Culture & Heritage and Enabling Decarbonisation.

    The fringe events calendar will open on 10th of February so register your event early and we’ll help you to promote it and provide support and guidance to all hosts.