dotnetsheff: History of the Browser with A. Carter & Devs Just Wanna Have Fun with D. Bowen

This event will be split into two parts, Andy Carter presenting The Dramatic History of the Web Browser and the second half will be David Bowen presenting Devs Just Wanna Have Fun.

👉 The Dramatic History of the Web Browser with Andy Carter

Microsoft announced at the end of 2018 that it was building a new browser-based on Chromium. It will join an ever-growing list of web browsers that are built on Google’s open-source Chromium project. With Google Chrome’s own share of the browser market continuing to grow does this mean Google has won the ‘browser wars’ and are comparisons with Microsoft’s once-dominant Internet Explorer fair? Now seems like a good time to re-examine the history of the web browser.

Starting with its humble beginnings amongst the international physics community we'll trace the browser’s journey through three decades of progress up to the present day. It's a story rife with competing corporations, lawsuits and surprise plot twists. Does history repeat itself and what could happen next to the web browser?

👨‍🏫 About the speaker:

Andy is a senior developer at Evoluted New Media in Sheffield and mostly works with Laravel and CakePHP. Before working full-time in the web industry he worked in Quantum Optics research as a theoretical Physicist.

👉 Devs Just Wanna Have Fun with David Bowen
David is a lead Service Reliability Engineer (SRE) at IBM and He'd like to share what they've learned about keeping life fun and interesting whilst also keeping things running. He'll chat about things like testing, Kubernetes and protecting your weekends on the beach.

👨‍🏫 About the speaker:
David Bowen is a lead Service Reliability Engineer (SRE) at IBM

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