dotnetsheff is a monthly user group focused on software development, particularly in the .NET ecosystem. We welcome people with interests in software development of all ages and levels of experience. Please get in touch via Twitter (@dotnetsheff) or email (organisers at if you or someone you know may be interested in speaking.

  • This event will be split into two parts, Simon Painter presenting Functional Programming in C# and the second half will be Steve Collins presenting .NET Configuration Easy ... Right?.

    📅 Agenda
    - 👋 Welcome
    - 🗑️ Housekeeping
    - 👨‍🏫 Functional Programming in C#
    - 🍕 Food/Drinks
    - 👨‍🏫 .NET Configuration Easy ... Right?
    - 🍻 Social @

    👉 Functional Programming in C#
    Functional Programming is becoming increasingly popular and relevant with each year that goes by. With so much discussion around languages such as F#, Haskell, and Erlang - it can seem as though getting started with Functional programming would mean first learning a whole new syntax... but what if it didn't?

    Most .NET developers are familiar with the use of Linq, and basic constructs such as IEnumerable, Func delegates, arrow functions, and ternary expressions - but did you know that you can use all of this to implement some of the most powerful patterns and techniques from the world of functional prog...

  • December is a time for winding down, so we'll be having some Xmas drinks at Bamboo Door and food at Aagrah (

    We'll be booking a table at Aagrah so we'll need to get numbers ASAP.

    We will plan to meet at the pub Bamboo Door ( then we'll head to Aagrah ( for 7:30pm.

  • Following our continued success of the lightning talks, we are hosting another round! We will be having 6 speakers doing a 10-15 minute lightning talks, if you would like to get involved please message me on meetup or twitter.

    A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or a similar forum. Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by different speakers in a single session, sometimes called a data blitz.



    Slot 1 - Consul and Traefik - Brad Gyton

    Slot 2 - Feature Management in .NET - Kevin Smith ( @kev_bite )

    Slot 3 - Chrome DevTools Tricks - Danny Jones ( @dfjones )

    Slot 4 - TBA - Michael Steele ( @steelemck )

    Slot 5 - Browser UI Testing - Chris Amery

    Slot 6 - AWS lambda with C# - James Charlesworth ( @jcharlesworthuk )

  • This event will be split into two parts, Andy Carter presenting The Dramatic History of the Web Browser and the second half will be TBA presenting TBC.

    👉 **The Dramatic History of the Web Browser with Andy Carter**

    Microsoft announced at the end of 2018 that it was building a new browser-based on Chromium. It will join an ever-growing list of web browsers that are built on Google’s open-source Chromium project. With Google Chrome’s own share of the browser market continuing to grow does this mean Google has won the ‘browser wars’ and are comparisons with Microsoft’s once-dominant Internet Explorer fair? Now seems like a good time to re-examine the history of the web browser.

    Starting with its humble beginnings amongst the international physics community we'll trace the browser’s journey through three decades of progress up to the present day. It's a story rife with competing corporations, lawsuits and surprise plot twists. Does history repeat itself and what could happen next to the...

  • This event will be split into two parts, Peter Gallagher presenting IoT with nothing but your Laptop and the second half will be David Whitney presenting Clouds, Microservices, and the Brittleness of Architecture.

    👉 IoT with nothing but your Laptop

    Although the cost of IoT hardware has reduced dramatically over the last few years, you still need to choose the right IoT option, figure out what accessories it needs, order it all from Amazon and wait for it to arrive. By that point, you’ve moved on to something else entirely, so it sits in a cupboard drawer for a year and a half before you get back around to thinking about it…. Then you realise that you need some components and wires… Back in the drawer it goes!

    With the advent of HTML 5, so comes the ability to simulate a lot of IoT Kit right there in your web browser. Pete will take you through a few online simulators for IoT technology, which will give you a head start into the world of IoT. This way you can forgo all the procrastin...