Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp: Aberdeen 2019: MSc Data Science / AI Showcase

September's data meet-up is a showcase of projects of students who have just completed their MSc Data Science and AI at Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon University.

Each will have 15 minutes plus time for questions.

Talk 1: Danny Fung - "Generating face-like stone images using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)"
How to generate face-like stone images using Pix2Pix GAN from the extracted face contours.
Danny is an MSc student, University of Aberdeen

Talk 2: Somu Kumarasamy, "Prediction of PM levels in Air Pollution"
As part of my academic project, I used the Luftdaten Air quality sensor datasets for analysis. I built a Machine Learning model using these datasets & predicted the PM levels for the next 24 hours. Using the predicted data, developed a visual tool (Traffic light format) to highlight the levels of danger.

Somu, a student at RGU, is an Instrumentation & Control Engineer turned software consultant with good programming skills. He has completed Data Science Masters degree & wishes to get involved in several data prediction analysis.

Talk 3: Swarada Adavadkar - "Cryptocurrency Price Prediction"
In the current project, I have used exploratory programming to search for the best predictive model. After an extensive search, I was successful in producing long-term trend forecasts by modelling and extracting complex relationships using Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTM).

Swarada is an MSc student at University Of Aberdeen, pursuing a master's in Artificial Intelligence, and was the Student Ambassador for Intel AI Academy.

Talk 4 Pauline Cairns "Visualising AIS data "
The location of vessels can be tracked from the AIS data they transmit. Taking this raw AIS data from JSON format, using R programming the data has been analysed, manipulated and then visualised on a dashboard through the use of maps, graphs and a table.

Pauline has recently completed an MSc in IT with Business Intelligence at RGU.

Talk 5 : Charlotte Mclean, RGU "Time series analysis of subsea pipeline temperature data."
Charlotte has just finished studying full time at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen for an MSc in Data Science after a 20 year career in Computer Science and project management. She is ISEB certified in Business Analysis and Prince certified in Project Management. She has worked for small software houses and large companies, such as Legal & General and RBS. She moved to Aberdeen 5 years ago and, after commuting to RBS in Edinburgh for 3.5 years, decided to leave her job to return to study for her MSc full time. She is passionate about data and how data science techniques and artificial intelligence can help society.

Her project looks at the insights on wax appearance in subsea pipelines that could be gleaned purely from temperature sensors. It provides a foundation based on data science techniques for future development in this area.

Thanks to MBN Solutions, Data Lab Scotland and Scotland IS for sponsoring this event.

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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