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  • Abstract: NatureScot, in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, are developing a new tool to facilitate decision makers to take a natural capital approach for managing land at the landscape scale in Scotland. By mapping and modelling how certain land use changes might impact the ecosystem services they provide, decision makers can identify scenarios that maximize benefits for both people and nature. It will be the first tool of its kind in Scotland and will be a geospatial web application, building on scientific knowledge and the existing EcoServR tool for mapping natural capital assets and ecosystem services.

    Speaker Bio: Donya is the Natural Capital Manager for NatureScot, where she leads a team of GIS Analysts and Data Scientists developing an innovative new natural capital tool for Scotland. Donya is an Ecologist who specialises in natural capital valuation, ecosystem service modelling and co-design methodology. She is passionate about nature conservation and the eff...

  • Welcome to our thirty-second hack event. Whether you’ve attended them all, or are planning to come to your first, you’ll find it a friendly, inclusive and supportive weekend where you’ll share your skills, knowledge and experience, and find others doing the same.

    This time it’s all about Community Safety

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    What is Community Safety?

    The phrase Community Safety can cover a large range of issues. Challenges relating to any of these could be addressed at CTC32. Here are some examples

    * Crime Prevention.
    * Law Enforcement
    * Emergency Preparedness.
    * Public Health.
    * Victim Support.
    * Community Engagement.
    * Environmental Safety.
    * Education and Awareness, etc.

    For each of these thematic areas, we will identify challenges, and how can the application of technology, coding, data, AI and associated approaches help to address those challenges?

    We already have an exciting challenge around the use of Computer Vis...