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  • A first talk from our new Trustee, Arrash Nekonam.

    Discover how Natural Language Processing (NLP) within trained ML models transforms Health, Safety, and Environment event data into actionable insights. Learn about trending safety topics, hazards, and root causes.

    Bio: In addition to being our Trustee, Arrash, who is based in Aberdeen is Chief Technology Officer of STC INSISO. He was formerly CTO of Riskwell, and Managing Director of INSISO Ltd.

    We start at 6pm with the opportunity to network over pizza and drinks with the local data science community, academia and industry. The talk and Q&A start at 6.30pm.

    Tickets are available now for this talk: ti.to

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  • This month we'll have an introduction to Web Scraping in Python from Ian Watt. Ian is a co-founder and trustee of Code The City who runs the Python User Group, the Data Meetups and more.

    Then we'll have challenges to try some scraping for real, with the objective of writing scraper(s) to assist with a University of Aberdeen research project. All will be revealed in the evening.

    Come early to network over pizza and drinks with the local Python community, and stay to work on a scraping challenge.

    Bring your laptop. If you don’t already have Python set up, we can help you with that too. Coding in pairs or small groups (especially mixing beginner and more experiences coders) is strongly encouraged, though you can also code solo.

    Tickets are available now for March's session: ti.to

  • Over the last 10 years at our hack events, we’ve tackled many different thematic topics. This time it is something new, and very important: Democracy.

    What do we mean by democracy? Well, it’s not party politics. Nor is it coming with a solution, constitutional or otherwise, before we have articulated the challenges or problems.

    We mean the very functioning of government.

    * How do we know who we are electing?
    * How do we contact them, to ask questions, or when things go wrong?
    * How can we hold them to account?
    * What are the various levels of government?
    * Where is the data that we need to understand, use, and interact with government?
    * How transparent are the workings of government?
    * What tools are available (and what can we build to fill in the gaps) to make this all better?

    If you have never been to a hackathon before or are interested in knowing more about the projects previously tackled then please check out our hackathon overview page.

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