Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp

This is a group for anyone interested in Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Technology trends. We started this group to build a community to discuss general insights into the market and share personal experiences of working and operating in this area. We hope to cover skills shortages, technological advancements and organisational implications in Data Science and Technology during our series of meetups. All skill levels are welcome.

  • Highlands Data Meet-Up with John Straw; a Data Lab Inverness event

    ‘How automation powered by AI will drastically change business structure and business processes’

    John is a serial technology entrepreneur who has started and sold several businesses - including one to Microsoft.

    He is a leading speaker on disruptive innovation and technology and talks in a style which is easy to understand and awe-inspiring, making him a frequent public speaker and prolific author of iDisrupted book and blog.

    He is a FTSE100 Non-Executive Director, who possesses a deep understanding of technology disruptors and associated economics.

    His current roles include senior advisor to Mckinsey and Co, IBM Watson IoT and his own portfolio of investments. He is a blogger on disruptive technology and a contributor to The Economist on AI.

    Link to online event to follow.

  • The “Art and Science” of Analytics and Data Science: We should all be like Leonardo

    Point of the talk: This is drawn primarily from experiences in the domain of customer insight and customer experience. We think of analytics mainly as a hard ‘science’ but there is a growing importance to consider some more intangible sides to analytics: why do customers think the way they do (e.g. behavioural economics), why do stakeholders make decisions the way they do (e.g. influencing senior decision-makers)?

    • What are some areas where the ‘art of analytics’ is often underplayed?
    • What are some areas where the ‘science of persuasion’ is often underused?
    • How can these be melded in interesting ways?
    • Why do many firms fail to do this?
    • What could you do about this in your teams / careers?

    Presenter - Nick Hall -

    For the last 6 years Nick has led the Barclays Analytics Centre of Excellence – a team of 140+ analytics and data science professionals w...


    We are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with AI Tech North for their 2020 Great Northern Summit, the largest AI community platform in the North UK.

    This October, the Great Northern Summit is continuing to lead the AI revolution by assembling leaders, practitioners and enthusiasts from within the industry, allowing them to unify and provide insights on how you can initiate your journey in the digital domain through live-streamed keynote and technical sessions.

    In a new world where adaptability reigns supreme, the AI Tech North team have reconstructed last year’s successful event and will be taking up to 4,000 delegates from across the globe on a brand-new Hybrid experience on the 12-13 October.

    AI Tech North 2020 will be live streaming internationally, giving attendees the opportunity to meet members from our community as well as representatives from leading Universities and companies such as; Microsoft, IBM, RAFX, and Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturin...