Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp

This is a group for anyone interested in Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Technology trends. We started this group to build a community to discuss general insights into the market and share personal experiences of working and operating in this area. We hope to cover skills shortages, technological advancements and organisational implications in Data Science and Technology during our series of meetups. All skill levels are welcome.

  • Speaker 1 - Rob McLeod - Comet Global Consulting.

    Head of Digital and Customer Experience -

    “I have an opportunity for you…”

    That’s a phrase I’ve come to reflect on as a firm retort to fellow marketers who drear at the changes experienced in the consumer sphere in recent times. When you look at some of the headlines of data-driven perspectives on consumer finances today you really can’t help but be overcome by “doom and gloom”:

    Aging population

    Move from buying to renting

    “Polarisation” of population

    Generation gap

    Tech changes and automation

    Loss of confidence in financial suppliers

    But when you challenge what consumer data really tells us, I’m not hearing necessarily that the future will be worse – rather that it will most certainly be different.

    Rob will be here to discuss these points in details - See full blog - (

  • Speaker 1 - Yuri Aleksandrov, Aridhia -

    Yuri is a data scientist at Aridhia, where he assists healthcare researchers with managing collaborative research, stratified medicine, and biomedical research through the use of biomedical informatics and analytics platform. He holds a degree in Criminology from the University of Abertay Dundee and MSc in Data Engineering from the Dundee University. Yuri is passionate about using data to solve problems in various areas ranging from retail to healthcare. He describes himself as “multipotentialite” and his interest range spans multiple areas, such as entrepreneurship, science and technology, in particular, machine learning and blockchain. He is always open to discuss projects and ideas, so feel free to get in touch at or

    Presentation 1-
    "What can Data Scientists learn from DevOps"

    This talk will cover how data scientists can integrat...

  • Smart logistics and Supply Chains in the 21st Century - Andy McMahon, Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at Streamba -

    Streamba are a software startup in Glasgow which specialises in smart software solutions for logistics, with a current focus on the onshore and offshore components of the oil and gas energy supply chain. Their technology solutions currently have coverage of 75% of the energy supply chain of the North Sea. As Head of Data Science and Machine Learning, Andy has been working on ways to make these software solutions smart through the use of advanced data analytics and machine learning. Before joining Streamba in March 2017, Andy was a PhD student in Computational Physics at Imperial College London, where he used advanced numerical and computational methods to calculate the properties of materials for application in solar cells. In this talk he will touch on a number of topics including the transferability of some of his ph...