Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp

This is a group for anyone interested in Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Technology trends. We started this group to build a community to discuss general insights into the market and share personal experiences of working and operating in this area. We hope to cover skills shortages, technological advancements and organisational implications in Data Science and Technology during our series of meetups. All skill levels are welcome.

  • Invisible Analysts

    Are you feeling stuck in your career?

    Sometimes we operate in the shadows and our work stays unnoticed. We are passed for promotions and feel like there is no getting out of this dark corner.

    Karen Jean-Francois, analytics manager and producer of the Women in Data podcast
    has experienced this situation first hand.
    Join her as she talks about the invisible performer and shares tips to help you be more visible and get the recognition you deserve.

    As an analytics manager, Karen is passionate about how data science and analytics can support businesses and help them better understand their customers. While she finds digging into data fun, she believes that it comes with responsibility, and her uncompromising focus on data integrity enables her to build trust and strong relationships with stakeholders.

    Most of all, she strives to help others craft their own path to personal and professional fulfilment. She believes that focusing on personal development and having acce...

  • Augmented Engineering Intelligence for Industrial Equipments in the Energy Sector

    Predicting failure is a very well known and difficult problem. There are good reasons for that - known failure modes are scarce, let alone unknown failure modes (dreaded “black swans”), capable of causing the most damage. Also, equipments generate immense streams of multidimensional data, representing highly connected systems, thus anomalous patterns can be easily missed by humans alone. The mostly unlabelled data makes it almost impossible to create an acceptable supervised ML model. Instead, we present an unsupervised deep learning approach, inspired and adapted by the works of Google on smart buildings, to create a set of Early Warning Notifications for industrial equipments.

    Bio: Pedro Santos ( is the Lead Data Scientist at Digital & Data (Total Energies UK). He is specialised in turning ideas into actionable business insights with machine learning....