The London Java Community: Acceptance Testing in Microservices & Get Better At What You Do—With Intent

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Acceptance Testing in Microservices - Dimos Raptis

Microservices is being widely adopted as an architectural pattern during the last decade thanks to the business agility it enables. This pattern incentivises teams owning separate business domains to move as independently as possible. However, the need remains to test and verify that all these services will work as expected in cooperation. This can end up being harder at times given there are more moving parts that need to be setup appropriately in order to perform the necessary testing.

This talk is essentially a story from the trenches, which goes through some of the challenges we faced with testing in a microservices environment and how we overcame some of them.

Get better at what you do—with intent - Sergey Soloviov

As a freelancer, you want to bring more value and charge more for it. But you’re on your own to build out your skill set. If you don’t help yourself, no one else will. All it takes is showing intent. In this talk, we’ll look at tactics that one can use to build a little system to push your own boundaries. It’s light-weight but helps create discipline and transparency in the process.

About the speakers

Dimos Raptis is currently working as a Software Engineer for R3 on the Corda blockchain platform. He has been working with microservices architecture for the last 3 years. His main areas of interest are distributed systems, clean & elegant software and testing, but this list keeps growing alarmingly. He is blogging at and tweeting at @dimosr7.

Sergey Soloviov works as a mentor and coach. Having worked with dozens of tech teams over 15 years he now helps product people progress in their craft. In this talk, he will take the effective techniques he uses with his clients and apply them to the freelance world.

*** This is a placeholder for the event being run on Eventbrite. Please sign up with your full name here:] ***

A big thanks to Skills Matter for hosting us and GridGain Systems for sponsoring the meetup.


6.30pm: Registration and pizza sponsored by GridGain Systems (

7pm: Acceptance Testing in Microservices - Dimos Raptis (approx 30 minutes)

7.30pm: Get better at what you do—with intent - Sergey Soloviov (approx 45 minutes)

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

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