The London Java Community

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (& other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.

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    Memory Buffer Recycling - Rafal Foltyński

    Most developers heard about object pool or flyweight pattern, many of them actually implemented one, but probably just a few tried to apply it directly to memory and expand/shrink the pool on the fly. The main purpose of this talk is to show the main challenges of writing a resizable pool of memory buffers and considerations that every dev should take into account. (Plus, you'll get a bunch of live demos in background.)

    See how your decisions affect your business using Kubernetes, JBPM open source business process, Apache Kafka, and Grafana - Paulo Menon, Ingo Weiss and Craig Reeves

    Modern business relies on rapid feedback of data and an ability to easily process that data in order to make...

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    Microservices are being deployed by many Java Hipsters. If you're working with a large team that needs different release cycles for product components, microservices can be a blessing. If you're working at your VW Restoration Shop and running its online store with your own software, having five services to manage and deploy can be a real pain.

    This presentation will show you how to use JHipster to create Angular + Spring Boot apps with a unified front-end. You will leave with the know-how to create your own excellent apps!

    Bonus: I'll show you how to use Ionic for JHipster to create native applications on mobile. It's pretty darn slick!

    About the speaker

    Matt Raible is a well-known figure in the Java community and has been building web applications for most of hi...

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    Cloud Native. What does it mean for you? Already immersed to the armpits and cursing the day you started? Wanting to take the first step but worried where to put your foot? Or have you successfully navigated the rapids and are now in calmer waters?

    Whatever your situation we'd like to invite you to join a 1 day unconference focused on Cloud Native. Encompassing the whole scope - from how to design applications for the cloud, to how to develop, deploy, debug, scale, observe and even secure your creations.

    If you're an expert come and share your knowledge - if new to the game come and learn from the old hands. The only requirements are to bring your passion, knowledge and desire to share.

    Since Cloud Native is a wide subject the aim is a curated unConference. That means that we follow the Open Spaces approach but with a lig...