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  • Nearly three quarters of our planet is covered by oceans. Bodies of water, from oceans and seas to rivers, lakes, marshes, and bays collectively host over 2 million species of plants and diverse wildlife that represents over 50% of life on earth!

    The Blue Economy is a growing movement that aims to harness these coastal and maritime resources for economic growth, whilst protecting its ecosystems. Our oceans are a hugely under-utilised resource with enormous potential for our future. EIT Food invites you to an immersive breakfast discussion on the progress being made in this sector, where you will have the chance to see, smell and taste the latest innovations in the Blue Economy.

    Come along to learn the key sustainability lessons from thought leaders Thor Sigfusson, Hordur G. Kristinsson and Isabel Hoffmann as they chart the sector’s incredible journey from traditional to high-tech sustainability success story - and the whole event will be recorded for EIT Food’s innovation podcast...

  • Join us for a special EU Election week event focused on technology’s worrying impacts on UK democracy.

    Nearly a year after the General Data Protection Regulation was implemented, questionable data practices on social media advertising are threatening UK elections. We’ll hear from Who Targets Me about their innovative browser extension that improves transparency in online advertising by showing users who is targeting political ads at them and why.

    We’ll also hear from our new Data & Democracy Project Officer Pascal Crowe about why we should be concerned about electronic voting trials in the UK. We’ll also hear about ORG’s upcoming event ORGCon.

    No technical expertise are necessary, all are welcome to this free event.

  • Discover the Swedish innovations and trends that are shaking up the food and retail landscape and making strides to solve the food industry’s most pressing issues. We’ll be exploring the forward thinking developments in Swedish food and retail, and how these innovations can be brought to new markets.

    We at YFood love Swedish companies because they are strong, sustainable and disruptive - exactly what YFood is all about! We can’t wait to bring this event to London Food Tech Week and give you the chance to learn from the leading pioneers of Sweden’s food retail scene and find out more about collaboration and partnership opportunities.

    There are a limited number of free tickets so get yours today here:

    This event is part of London Food Tech Week 2019 - the week-long festival celebrating and connecting all the incredible people, companies and innovations in Food Tech is the must attend event of 2019.

  • FusionONE, taking place at Tobacco Dock, London, UK, is a new developer conference for Financial Services.

    At this hands-on developer day, you will get a world-first play with Finastra’s Open APIs. We will provide hands-on training for developers, to understand how to tap into the APIs of existing cores and start to collaborate to innovate using Microsoft Azure. #CollaborateToInnovate

    On the day you’ll also learn how, the open development platform for banks and Fintechs enables increased developer productivity:
    - Build applications faster
    - Deploy from the Microsoft Azure cloud using automated application distribution tools
    - Monetise your app through FusionStore marketplace
    - Reach new audiences, promote to thousands of Finastra's bank clients worldwide

  • FoodBytes! by Rabobank is a food & agri pitch competition-meets-networking platform, that brings together startups, corporates and investors pioneering a more sustainable future of food and agriculture. YFood was thrilled that Rabobank was bringing this platform, and the incredible opportunity it provides for our community of startups, to London and partnered with them last year on their first ever London event which saw YFood Community members Mimica and Winnow winning the London and New York People’s Choice awards.

    FoodBytes! by Rabobank will be hosting an exclusive event for the YFood and London Food Tech Week community to celebrate the event coming to London again on 7 November 2019, and are looking for startups to apply to pitch!

    Come and find out more about what FoodBytes! can offer and hear the success stories of previous participants . This event is an unmissable opportunity for startups to meet the FoodBytes! by Rabobank Team, the leading global bank in food and agricult...

  • Deliveroo are more than just a delivery platform. They are changing the way people eat and helping restaurants to grow and expand. Deliveroo have built a community of restaurant partners that they support in engaging with tech and reaching new markets.

    Spend a morning getting to know the Deliveroo team and hearing from some of their up and coming restaurant partners about how they have achieved growth by working with Deliveroo.

    There are a limited amount of free tickets so get yours today here:

    This event is part of London Food Tech Week 2019! This week-long festival celebrating and connecting all the incredible people, companies and innovations in Food Tech is the must attend event of 2019.

  • Augmented Humanity: tech and humans working together are the key to customer loyalty in the future! Hosted by Vita Mojo

    Powered by Humans: At the centre of the model is us, humans.

    We know humans are pretty amazing already, and we believe that digital is a way of enhancing our human qualities and enabling us to really focus on the things that technology can’t do – like human connections. Digital takes a human and makes them super humans!

    Software and restaurant company Vita Mojo and employee engagement & service excellence consultants NKD bring you an experimental and thought provoking interactive session. Taking insights from across a spectrum of service sectors.

    There are a limited amount of free tickets so get yours today here:

    This event is part of London Food Tech Week 2019 - the week-long festival celebrating and connecting all the incredible people, companies and innovations in Food Tech is the must attend eve...

  • Killing "Low Code" with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

    Why esoteric languages? "Low Code" ideas are also perfect working with boring technologies like Jakarta EE and MicroProfile.

    At this meetup, Adam Bien would like to implement a Java EE / Jakarta EE + MicroProfile, Cloud Native application from scratch and focus on "built to last" design and (hexagonal) architecture. Fast turn-around cycles, high productivity, observability and low noise included.

    Questions are highly welcome and are going to be immediately answered.

    About the speaker

    Adam Bien has been working as a freelancer with Java since JDK 1.0, with Servlets/EJB since 1.0 and before the advent of J2EE in several large-scale applications. He is an architect and developer (with usually 20/80 distribution) in Java (SE / EE / FX) projects.

    He has written several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE, and is the author of Real World Java EE Patterns—Rethinking Best Practices and Real World Java EE Night Hacks—Dissecting the Bus...

  • The National DevOps Conference is targeted towards C-level executives interested in learning about the professional movement and its cultural variations that assist, promote and guide a collaborative working relationship between Development and Operations.

    The National DevOps Conference is an annual, UK-based conference that provides the IT community at home and abroad with invaluable content from revered industry speakers; practical presentations; executive workshops, facilitated and led by key figures; as well as a market leading exhibition, which will enable delegates to view the latest products and services available to them.

  • The CX Emotion conference ( covers emotion technologies and applications in Customer Experience, Consumer Insights, Social and Online Media, and Market Research -- emotion AI, behavioural analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, speech and text analytics, and the data economy -- and consumer, employee, media, online, social, and bot sources and uses. CX Emotion takes place 20 June 2019 in London.

  • Blockchain Summit London is the leading blockchain for business event in Europe.

    Connecting over 5,000 industry leaders, business decision makers and tech innovators, Blockchain Summit London is a 2 day conference and exhibition dedicated to the business of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

    Based on unrivalled content, 200 visionary speakers and exceptional networking opportunities, Blockchain Summit London is a must-attend event to understand the challenges and opportunities of our blockchain future.

  • Big Data LDN (London) is a free to attend conference and exhibition, hosting leading data and analytics experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy.
    Discuss your business requirements with 130 leading technology vendors and consultants and hear from 150 expert speakers in 9 technical and business-led conference theatres, with real-world use-cases and panel debates. Network with your peers and view the latest product launches & demos.
    Big Data LDN attendees have access to free on-site data consultancy and interactive evening community meetups.
    Join the #DataRevolution and learn how to build a bright data-driven future for your business.