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  • Bringing together key policymakers and stakeholders from across the financial services sector, this timely conference will discuss the future for payments policy and regulation in the UK.

    Delegates will assess the future of proposals set out in the European Commission’s recently revised Directive on Payments Services (PSD2) - particularly relating to the UK’s position in light of the EU Referendum - following the publication of the European Banking Authorities finalised Regulatory and Technical Standards on passporting under PSD2 later this year. The seminar will also consider the impact of the Financial Conduct Authority’s current consultation on the guidance provided to firms in complying with the future payment services regime.

    Planned sessions focus on next steps for facilitating innovation and competitiveness across payments markets, whilst also ensuring adequate safeguards for consumers - particularly in terms of payment security and tackling financial fraud. Delegates will...

  • Women in the workplace: careers advice, the gender pay gap and women in executive management

    Guest of Honour: Caroline Dinenage MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Women, Equalities and Early Years
    Ahead of International Women’s Day 2017, this seminar will consider the further policy priorities for improving gender equality in the workplace.

    Key topics for discussion will include the gender pay gap; tackling sex and maternity discrimination; improving the availability of high-quality childcare provision and the challenges for increasing the proportion of women in leadership and executive management positions within the British economy.

    Further sessions will focus on careers education, particularly how best to increase female participation in apprenticeships and STEM subjects, and how to inspire more young women to pursue careers in under-represented professions, including in public office...

  • The Amazon Fling SDK is a cross-platform toolkit that enables mobile developers to build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV. The SDK allows the sending of video, audio and images from mobile apps to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. You can “fling” media content to Amazon Fire TV and leverage two-way communication between Amazon Fire TV and mobile apps to create engaging second screen experiences.

    In this workshop, we’ll show a hands-on example on how to use the Amazon Fling SDK and how to embed it in Android Apps:

    • Overview of Amazon Fling SDK

    • Integrating Amazon Fling in Android

    • Connecting Amazon Fling to Fire TV

    • Send media content from Amazon Fling-enabled Apps to Fire TV

    • Amazon Fling UX Guidelines

  • QuickBooks is hosting their first ever Small Biz Tech Hackathon in London.

    This overnight hack, taking place 04-05 March, includes APIs from awesome tech partners, giveaways and prizes.

    The Small Biz Hackathon is dedicated to creating app prototypes that will help make running successful small businesses and nonprofits easier. It will take place in the heart of London at CodeNode.

    Use your skills to leverage the latest tech and create solutions for over 1.6 million small businesses around the world! The grand prize team takes home £5000.

  • Next steps for the UK children's content market: commercial strategies, public service and international competitiveness

    Guests of Honour: David Levine, General Manager, Disney Channels UK & Ireland; Alice Webb, Director, BBC Children’s and BBC North, BBC and Finn Arnesen, Senior Vice President, Global Distribution & Development, Hasbro Studios
    This seminar will examine the key commercial opportunities and challenges for UK children’s content industry - both in domestic and international markets.

    It takes place in the context of Ofcom’s annual PSB report which found a decline in investment for original UK children’s programming, in anticipation of a finalised BBC Royal Charter which includes a contestable fund for “at risk” genres including children’s, as well as with uncertainty over the future application of EU-level legislation on the protection of minors and rules on commercial communications around ch...

  • TUESDAY, 14TH MARCH 2017

    Guest of Honour: Sarah Gardner, Executive Director, Gambling Commission
    Taking place during a period of uncertainty as the UK negotiates its withdrawal from the European Union and in light of increasing M&A activity in the UK gambling market, this timely seminar will be an opportunity to review latest developments and consider the future for the sector.

    Delegates will examine emerging developments in gambling technologies and consumer trends - particularly focusing on mobile - as the UK Gambling Commission becomes the first regulator in the world to review the legal framework in response to the rise of virtual currencies, eSports and social gaming. They will also consider the priorities for the UK Government in supporting the international competitiveness of the sector post-Brexit.

    In anticipation of the new funding model for British Horse Racing coming into effect in April 2017 aiming to level the playing...

  • This seminar will bring together policymakers, officials and senior representatives from across the creative industries to discuss the priorities for ensuring the UK creative workforce remains globally competitive during and after the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

  • A proud part of the London Games Festival 2017

    With Guest of Honour, Dr. Jo Twist OBE, CEO, UKIE

    Six months on from the launch of the third round of the UK Games Fund, and in the context of Brexit, this event will bring together policymakers and key stakeholders to discuss and debate future priorities for the UK video games and interactive entertainment industry, including skills requirements; emerging opportunities for growth; navigating Brexit and the knock-on impact on access to overseas talent, Digital Single Market reform and the future IP and copyright landscape.

  • Chaired by Mark Sayers, Deputy-Director, Business, Crime & Skills Team, Cyber and Government Security Directorate, Cabinet Office

    Following the National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021 and the announcement of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy inquiry, this event will bring together policymakers and key stakeholders to examine the emerging cyber security threats.

    Attendees will consider options to address the systemic vulnerabilities of skill gaps, the implications of the Internet of Things as well as ways to improve Britain’s resilience in the context of the implementation of the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy.

  • Following on from the Science and Technology Committee’s recently launched inquiry into Managing Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer and just after the Autumn Statement announcement that there will be £2 Billion of new funding for technology, science research and development the morning will consider what steps the government, businesses and universities should be taking to aid the commercialisation process for new technology. Delegates will be given the opportunity to evaluate progress since the government named the eight great technologies in its 2012 industrial strategy to deliver economic growth and societal benefits.

    Discussions will include an analysis of the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill; the top priorities for the technologies within the UK’s future trade strategies following Brexit and recommendations and next steps following the Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry The Lessons Learnt from Graphene.

  • Set to take place six months on from the first successful public test of a driverless car on UK streets, and following the release of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into future uses of autonomous vehicles expected to report early in the new year, this forum will discuss the way forward for developing and commercialising connected and autonomous vehicle technology and assess the outcomes of the consultation into advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicle technologies, the ways in which driverless cars are expected to disrupt the insurance market and necessitate changes to road traffic law and what intelligent infrastructure is needed to enable widespread adoption of driverless technology.

  • The future for Human Resources - technology and the changing role for HR professionals
    Thursday, 27th April 2017
    Central London


    Guest of Honour

    A senior speaker confirmed from Glassdoor

    Delegates at this conference will discuss latest thinking on the use of HR and workforce management technology by employers in the UK.

    It will offer delegates the opportunity to hear case studies and best practice examples from industry, as well as insights from academics and thought leaders.

    Sessions will consider how technology can be used within talent recruitment and management strategies, as well as examining the role it can play in improving employee engagement and fostering organisational culture.

    Further sessions will consider the use of Big Data and HR analytics, as well as the future role for HR professionals in light of advancements in technology.

    The conference will bring together policymakers with key stakeholders including employers,...

  • Implementing the Prevent duty and teaching British values - key issues for schools, colleges and communities
    Tuesday, 9th May 2017
    Central London

    Guests of Honour
    Sophie Taylor, Deputy Director, Due Diligence and Counter Extremism, Department for Education
    Geraint Evans HMI, Specialist Advisor, Extremism, Ofsted

    Assessing the progress of the Government’s attempts to counter extremism amongst young people, following the introduction of a statutory duty for schools and FE colleges under the Prevent Strategy in September 2015, this seminar will bring together key stakeholders from across the education and local government sectors.

    Policymakers and stakeholders will examine the progress to date of the Prevent Strategy in schools and colleges, in light of concerns from the teaching profession regarding the guidance given to schools and the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ Counter-Extremism report, published in July 2016, which called for an independ...

  • Women in the tech sector: education, company cultures and business opportunities
    Tuesday, 9th May 2017
    Central London


    Guest of Honour
    Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus, London, Google

    This seminar will be an opportunity to take stock of progress for increasing the number of women in the field of technology and the further challenges which lie ahead, particularly in light of Brexit.

    It takes place as the demand grows for digital skills across all sectors of the economy and as Britain seeks to position itself as a world-leader in emerging technologies such as cyber security, A.I., wearable tech and virtual reality.

    Delegates will assess how to overcome the challenges remaining for attracting the interest and developing the skills of younger generations, as well as the professional barriers focusing on the effectiveness of quota systems, mentoring programmes, remote and flexible working initiatives and HR processes in promoting a culture of cha...

  • Taking place twelve months before the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in across the EU, and in the context of recent high profile data breaches at Yahoo, Three and Tesco Bank, amongst others, this event will provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss and debate the future for European Data Protection policy - including reform of the ePrivacy Directive - assess the challenges and opportunities for GDPR implementation and consider strategies for raising the importance of data security and protection to become a board level concern.