• The LJC are pleased to welcome this evening's speaker, Jack Shirazi, who will discussing: 'Become A Guru: How To Solve Java Memory Leaks In Under 10 Minutes.'

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    Talk Details:

    In this talk, Jack provides a consistent methodology for identifying whether you have a heap memory leak, analysing the memory to identify the leak, and determining the cause. He will focus on heap leaks, which are the most common Java memory leaks. Yes, this talk will make you a guru!


    Jack Shirazi works in the Performance and Reliability team at He is the founder of and author of Java Performance Tuning (O'Reilly), and has been an official Java Champion since 2005 and an LJC member since 2009.

    Jack has worked at all levels and all stages...

  • The LJC are pleased to welcome Barry Evans who will be presenting 'Java Challenges - An Interactive Quiz Testing You!'

    Join us and learn the concepts behind 10 Java challenges and eliminate stressful bugs.

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    Bugs are a daily stress in our work as Java developers. Those pesky bugs hide behind important Java concepts; there is no way out of this. But can we have fun hunting them? You bet!

    How about solving a series of Java puzzles and challenges as a way to learn concepts and save a lot of time finding those tricky bugs?

    Together with Barry, attendees can solve fun Java challenges and gain a clear understanding of what causes the most stressful Java bugs—and have fun eliminating them from your projects.

    Speaker Details:

    Barry Evans is a seasoned web application engineer w...

  • Join the LJC for an evening of talks this June with Peter Morgan and Steve Poole.

    In our first talk, 'Towards a General Theory of Intelligence', Peter Morgan will take a look at the latest developments in AI research and implementation.

    The development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is going to require algorithms that can take us far beyond deep learning and the simple image classifiers this was originally developed to solve. These AGI systems will need to do things like inductive reasoning, planning and optimal learning. Peter will talk about some of the latest approaches to solving general intelligence now underway using GPUs and other purpose-built hardware as well as algorithmic approaches to solving and building general intelligence systems.

    Peter is CEO at Deep Learning Partnership, a consultancy addressing emerging technologies, especially AI and blockchain

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  • OWASP Annual AppSec EU Security Conference, the premier application security conference for European developers and security experts. AppSec EU provides attendees with insight into leading speakers for application security and cyber security, training sessions on various applications, networking, connections and exposure to the best practices in cybersecurity.

    Why should you attend the AppSec Europe 2018 Conference?

    * Technical talks by experts in security, devops and cloud
    * Panels to debate tough topics
    * Training sessions for hands on learning in top security areas
    * Keynotes from well known industry leaders
    * Vendor booths to promote the latest advances in security technology services
    * A variety of other activities such as capture the flag, security tool training, and more

  • BDD Kickstart is a two-day training in the fundamentals of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and Cucumber. Thousands of agile teams are benefiting from clearer understanding and greater collaboration between business and IT that BDD brings.

    By the end of this course you will acquire the fundamental technical and non-technical skills required to confidently practise BDD.