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  • Growth in the UK creative industries and priorities for the Industrial Strategy
    Morning, Thursday, 7th September 2017
    Central London

    Guests of Honour
    Andrea Young, Director of Broadcasting, Media and the Creative Industries, DCMS (subject to Departmental business)
    Sue Bishop, Director, Creative, Consumer and Sports Economy, DIT (subject to Departmental business)

    This seminar will examine the priorities for the UK’s creative industries post-Brexit.

    Sessions assess sector-wide priorities for a post-EU framework, as well as issues for individual sectors within the creative economy, focusing on:

    Talent pipelines, skill gaps, career pathways and professional development;
    Making the case for future public investment;
    Utilising, developing and investing in new technologies;
    Balancing growth in creative clusters across the nations and regions of the UK;
    International trade, export strength and soft power; and
    Identifying priorities for regulato...

  • This seminar focuses on the future for broadband delivery in the UK - looking at the future of investment in digital infrastructure, access and regulation.

    It takes place in the context of the Digital Strategy, which proposes the implementation of a Universal Service Obligation (USO), investment of £1 billion to accelerate the development and uptake of next generation digital infrastructure, and support for consumers to get the best from their broadband services. It also follows the recent legal separation of Openreach and BT Group.

    Delegates will discuss the latest developments in 5G and ultra-fast including areas of focus for R&D and remaining practical issues for implementation following firm commitment and funding from government. They will also assess issues for consumers at a time when the ASA is reviewing market practices and considers the parameters of the proposed USO; priorities for the proposed Productivity Council in supporting improved connectivity for business, part...

  • Blockchain Live is open to anyone with an interest in unlocking the value of blockchain whether taking a first look into what blockchain is and what it means or those more advanced and looking for answers to specific questions. Blockchain Live Adopters and Explorers will be made up of senior business leaders.

  • This seminar will focus on the future of crime and policing in London.

    It is scheduled to discuss priorities for the implementation of London’s recently published Police and Crime Plan - due for publication shortly - which sets out the Mayor’s strategic priorities for making London a safer city.

    Planned sessions focus on key challenges and opportunities presented by the Mayor’s proposals to establish “real neighbourhood policing”, looking in particular at how the use of locally set priorities might inform future crime prevention strategy, as well as the impact of the proposed delivery of two dedicated Police Constables in every London ward by the end of 2017.

    Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss latest trends and emerging threats in city-wide crime - including fraud, cyber-crime and terrorism - as well as what will be needed from police, local boroughs, communities and criminal justice partners in tackling high-harm crimes that impact on vulnerable groups - such...