• 'Modules or Microservices?'

    Microservices promise a scalable architecture, increased flexibility, and better performance. But then you find out what’s actually involved in designing and running a microservices-based architecture. Turns out it’s not that straightforward after all.

    Often the discussion around microservices is framed by a false dichotomy between the messy monolith and the lean and mean microservices architecture. Fortunately, there’s a third way: the modularized application. Functional decomposition doesn’t imply that every component has to become its own independent process.

    Modularization is about strong encapsulation, well-defined interfaces, and explicit dependencies. Many languages offer in-process modularization features (for example, Java with its all-new module system). In this session we explore the right (and wrong) reasons for going with a microservices architecture, as well as what a modularized application entails. There’s a place for both independently de...

  • We are pleased to bring you the next event of the Docklands.LJC, a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Canary Wharf each month. January's speaker is Dave Farley.

    Reactive Systems

    21st Century problems cannot be solved with 20th Century software architectures. So why is the starting point for so many projects built on the assumption of a simplistic monolithic, three-layer architecture sat on top of a RDBMS? Hardware has progressed. It has changed many of the assumptions that such architectures were built upon. Modern systems are distributed, deal with massive throughput of data and transactions. Users expect 24/7 service.

    The Reactive Manifesto describes what it takes to build systems that meet these demands. Such systems are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven. What does this mean in terms of software architecture and design?

    This presentation will introduce these ideas and describe how systems built on the...

  • iOSCon 2019 is the go-to conference to discover and learn all the latest developments in the iOS and Swift world. Join leading experts in the iOS & Swift realm, who will share the latest technologies, tools, ideas and practices developing and evolving within iOS, Swift and Mobile Technology.

    We are very excited to announce that 2019's programme will include keynotes from John Sundell, Gwendolyn Weston and Jaimee Newberry. Keep an eye on the programme for all the updates to the line-up!

  • Join F# eXchange 2019, the go-to conference to discover and learn all the latest developments in the F# world. Curious about running F# on .NET Core, compiling it to Javascript, deploying F# actors with Akka.NET on Docker, creating cross-platform Xamarin apps, and much, much more? Then come and join us at the F# eXchange in London: meet the international F# community and bring your skills to the next level with some of the world's top experts.

    We are excited to announce that Evelina Gabasova and Kit Eason will be sharing keynotes at F# eXchange 2019. We're looking forward to learning from these F# champs and we hope you are too!

  • BeyondTech is a forum for layered discussions on diversity and accessibility, tech ethics, and tech for good.

    Across two days, speakers will look at what enterprises and individuals can do to encourage, manage and communicate diversity. The conference is an open conversation to dissect the paths taken in tech, the decisions we make and where they are leading society as a whole.

    Discussions will dive into our accountability for what we create, and for who, why, and how we ship new software and concepts. Through these discussions, we hope we can learn how all of us can benefit from diverse perspectives to create products that have a lasting and positive impact on the future.

  • The National DevOps Conference is targeted towards C-level executives interested in learning about the professional movement and its cultural variations that assist, promote and guide a collaborative working relationship between Development and Operations.

    The National DevOps Conference is an annual, UK-based conference that provides the IT community at home and abroad with invaluable content from revered industry speakers; practical presentations; executive workshops, facilitated and led by key figures; as well as a market leading exhibition, which will enable delegates to view the latest products and services available to them.