• We are pleased to bring you the next event of the Docklands.LJC, a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Canary Wharf each month. November's speaker is Andrzej Grzesik - JavaOne Rockstar and Java Champion.

    9, 10, Java 11!

    Happy days, Java 11 is on us! Was it Java 10, just moments ago? Let's put the truth to Java's release cadence. What do you need to access the new versions (hint: still FREE!), Where can you get support, and where did JavaFX go. Finishing the picture with a suggested path of migration. These changes are here for a reason: new features, in the platform, more often. We will cover some of the best, as well as talk about exciting projects coming: lambdas, inference, changes to G1, and who is Shenandoah.

    Speaker Bio

    Andrzej Grzesik likes distributed systems in all shapes and forms. Coding since the age of 8, he loves simplicity and continuous delivery. While he has written in many languages, he favours the JVM....

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    The London Java Community (LJC) hosts a 'unconference' every year that allows developers to come together for a full day of discussions, sharing experiences, learning and spending time with our peers in the industry. This is the 11th unconference we've hosted and it's most certainly the premier event of our user group. This year we're sculpting the event on JCrete®, arguably the best Java unconference in the world.

    What is an Unconference?

    An unconference is a loosely structured, participant-driven meeting. It does not follow the traditional conference program structure. You decide what you want to talk about and which topics you want to discuss. The unconference starts with an empty schedule. No topics are mandated, no separations are made between “speakers” and “audience”. All participants work out a schedule by suggesting, planning,...

  • Do you run a business or organisation in or near Islington? Or are you thinking of setting one up?

    Do you want the people who work with your organisation to retain as much profit and control as possible?

    If so, a co-operative might be for you! Join us for this event to find out more...

    A co-operative is a business that is owned and governed by the people who work in it, or who have a direct stake in it. Generally, co-operatives do not have external share holders, so the value created by the business, stays in the business. We would like to see more co-operatives thrive in Islington, so we are organising an event to support and inform local people.

    If you're not in Islington but you're interested in the issues, feel free to come along anyway.

    We will have some short presentations by experts and practitioners, followed by an opportunity for you to ask them specific questions, and to share your knowledge with the rest of the group. We will be joined by:

    Cllr Asima Shaikh, Islington...

  • Hundreds of housing co-ops are using technology to manage their communities and activities. Some are even home to progressive technologists, and are hotbeds of radical innovation.

    We'll showcase exciting projects, outline difficulties and challenges when it comes to developing and implementing technology, and open a debate on how the tech co-op scene and the housing co-op scene can work together to solve issues in co-ops and in wider society.

    Levent Kerimol
    Lev works at the new resource and advice hub, hosted by CDS Co-operatives and funded by the GLA. He was previously in the GLA Regeneration team, leading on affordable workspace, and establishing the Small Sites Small Builders programme ( He contributed to the London Plan and has managed a range of masterplans, developments, and public realm projects around London. Lev also worked with LB Lewisham on the early stages of the RUSS project at Church Grove.

    Leo Francisco

  • The UK is already leading the democratic world in mass surveillance. Now the Government’s new digital safety strategy suggests they want to lead in censorship as well.

    The Centre for Investigative Journalism and the Internet Futures and Human Rights Research Stream at Goldsmith’s University of London present a talk by Open Rights Group’s Executive Director Jim Killock about Internet censorship in the UK today. From the use of web blocking to combat terrorism and copyright infringement to age verification technology meant to shield children from pornography, we’ll consider the dangers these methods pose to free expression online. These authorities, while often engaging in important work, can be prone to mistakes, operate takedown opaque policies, and often do not offer any independent means of redress.

    The event will commemorate the release of a new Open Rights Group report series on UK Internet regulation. Whether you’re a student, campaigner, concerned citizen or activist, you’ll ha...