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  • Blockchain for Java developers

    What is blockchain and why do we care? You might have heard about hash chains, blockchains, Merkle tree, UTXO, Crypto accumulator, but what do they actually mean? Why are those concepts so powerful that they could fuel such a revolution? Now all of these concepts are great but where and how would you apply them to a project?

    In this session, we will take you through the basic concepts behind blockchain, explore the type of use cases where blockchain can make a difference and introduce you to a real-life example of a Java application leveraging Hyperledger Fabric.

    This talk is aimed at developers and architects who are keen to learn more about Blockchain.

    About the speaker

    As an IBM Certified IT Architect with over 20 years of experience, Luc Desrosiers has the chance to work in different roles: developer, consultant, pre-sales architect. He recently moved with his family from Canada to the UK to join one great lab: IBM Hursley. This is where he had t...

  • Distilling Agile for Effective Execution

    The objective of agility in software is to fulfil evolving customer requirements while delivering high quality software on time and within budget. A number of agile methodologies have been developed promising to achieve this objective. But their adoption has proven to be challenging leading to cargo culting and bikeshedding practices that challenge project success. A review of Agile Manifesto and principles of agile methodologies distills them into 3 fundamental components. This talk suggests that a disciplined pursuit of these fundamentals while adopting agile practices increases an organisation’s chances of success.

    Reduction is key to agility. It is of fundamental consequence to not just iteration planning and execution but in all aspects of project execution. Smaller stories simplify estimation, implementation and pivoting in addition to reducing intra-team dependencies. Smaller merge sizes reduce risk of merge conflicts and enable focused...

  • BeyondTech is a forum for layered discussions on diversity and accessibility, tech ethics, and tech for good.

    Across two days, speakers will look at what enterprises and individuals can do to encourage, manage and communicate diversity. The conference is an open conversation to dissect the paths taken in tech, the decisions we make and where they are leading society as a whole.

    Discussions will dive into our accountability for what we create, and for who, why, and how we ship new software and concepts. Through these discussions, we hope we can learn how all of us can benefit from diverse perspectives to create products that have a lasting and positive impact on the future.

  • Transparent, Meritocratic & Peer-owned: Open Source Technology and the 21st Century Cooperative

    This event will bring together experts and innovators in the field of open source technology and the co-operative movement. We'll be examining the similarities in the two movements, in terms of the philosophies and decentralised organising methods. We'll be delving into how and why these movements are breaking away from mainstream for-profit companies and technologies.

    Terry Tyldesley
    Terry is a producer and musician, and Chair of Resonate, a new, ethical music streaming co-operative harnessing blockchain technology. Resonate is out to create a fairer music ecosystem using a #stream2own model, and by building a variety of artist-empowering services. It is going open source and believes sharing technology is vital for the co-operative movement.

    Nic Wistreich
    Nic is an active contributor to the open-source community, with a particular interest in the world of film and cinema. He has wri...

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    Hands on: Exploring Quarkus with Kotlin

    Let’s meet in the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs to write some code in good company. We plan to experiment how to develop microservices with Kotlin running on Quarkus, and are open to debate about the potential of this new very promising platform. We’ll start with a short introduction to Quarkus by Sanne Grinovero, followed by a hands on workshop together with Uberto Barbini, in which we’ll run Kotlin code on Quarkus and have fun with the revolutionary developer friendliness of both these technologies combined.

    No experience with Quarkus is necessary, no Kotlin experience is required either; proficiency of Java is highly recommended.

    Remember to bring your laptop with Java, maven and Kotlin configured on your IDE. GraalVM tools and Docker a...

  • Are you an experienced coder, tester or designer that wants to contribute your skills to a socially and ecologically transformative project? Are you new to software and want to join a project that will help you develop your skills? Do you hate a series of vague questions attempting to lure you into something before you know enough to be excited?

    Then read on!

    The Open Food Network are thrilled to announce our first ever UK Hackathon. Over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of May we’ll be nestling into Newspeak House to spend two days working on real issues for the global open source project. Together we hope to expand our exciting community, bring in new people that believe in what we do and share our experience in building a successful remote open source community. And of course we will share great food, laughs and fun!

  • Reactive Relational Database Connectivity

    An increasing number of projects starts incorporating reactive programming. On their journey they start to discover that the only way to get the full benefit of that change is to ensure that they have a fully reactive stack.
    There are a number of messaging systems and data stores that enable a fully reactive stack, but there has been a big piece missing when it comes to accessing relational database systems in a fully reactive way.

    This talk presents the Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC) initiative. This project aims for what a reactive API would look like when paired with relational database access. This talk explains how the API works, the benefits of using it, and how it contrasts with the ADBA project proposed as a successor to JDBC.

    About the speaker

    Mark Paluch is a Software Craftsman working as Spring Data Engineer at Pivotal. He has a strong focus on reactive infrastructure and works on R2DBC, MongoDB, Redis, and Apa...

  • FusionONE, taking place at Tobacco Dock, London, UK, is a new developer conference for Financial Services.

    At this hands-on developer day, you will get a world-first play with Finastra’s Open APIs. We will provide hands-on training for developers, to understand how to tap into the APIs of existing cores and start to collaborate to innovate using Microsoft Azure. #CollaborateToInnovate

    On the day you’ll also learn how, the open development platform for banks and Fintechs enables increased developer productivity:
    - Build applications faster
    - Deploy from the Microsoft Azure cloud using automated application distribution tools
    - Monetise your app through FusionStore marketplace
    - Reach new audiences, promote to thousands of Finastra's bank clients worldwide

  • The National DevOps Conference is targeted towards C-level executives interested in learning about the professional movement and its cultural variations that assist, promote and guide a collaborative working relationship between Development and Operations.

    The National DevOps Conference is an annual, UK-based conference that provides the IT community at home and abroad with invaluable content from revered industry speakers; practical presentations; executive workshops, facilitated and led by key figures; as well as a market leading exhibition, which will enable delegates to view the latest products and services available to them.

  • The CX Emotion conference ( covers emotion technologies and applications in Customer Experience, Consumer Insights, Social and Online Media, and Market Research -- emotion AI, behavioural analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, speech and text analytics, and the data economy -- and consumer, employee, media, online, social, and bot sources and uses. CX Emotion takes place 20 June 2019 in London.

  • Blockchain Summit London is the leading blockchain for business event in Europe.

    Connecting over 5,000 industry leaders, business decision makers and tech innovators, Blockchain Summit London is a 2 day conference and exhibition dedicated to the business of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

    Based on unrivalled content, 200 visionary speakers and exceptional networking opportunities, Blockchain Summit London is a must-attend event to understand the challenges and opportunities of our blockchain future.

  • Big Data LDN (London) is a free to attend conference and exhibition, hosting leading data and analytics experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy.
    Discuss your business requirements with 130 leading technology vendors and consultants and hear from 150 expert speakers in 9 technical and business-led conference theatres, with real-world use-cases and panel debates. Network with your peers and view the latest product launches & demos.
    Big Data LDN attendees have access to free on-site data consultancy and interactive evening community meetups.
    Join the #DataRevolution and learn how to build a bright data-driven future for your business.