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  • On Wednesday 16th October we'll have an OpenStreetMap pub meet-up at the Blue Posts Pub, Newman St, from 6:30pm. Join us for friendly social beers and chit chat on the subject of OpenStreetMap (contributing/using experienced/beginners, whatever interests you in and around OpenStreetMap!)

    Important notes for finding us:
    - There are several pubs called Blue Posts! We're at the one on Newman St. It's near Tottenham Court Road tube. ( here on the map: ).
    - Blue posts has an *upstairs* area which is quite well hidden, but it's quite likely we'll get a table upstairs.

    Sign up here! ...if you like. Not everyone bothers signing up. It is just a pub after all. You can expect between 5 and 10 people attending.

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    Brainstorming a Clean, Pragmatic Architecture

    Part 1: In the mood for a closing brainstorm? Let’s have a critical review of the major decisions taken in a typical enterprise application architecture and learn to balance pragmatism with design goals. Find out how to do just-in-time design to keep as many use-cases as simple as possible (KISS).

    We’ve all seen that without continuous refactoring simplistic design eventually degenerates into a Big Ball of Mud, under the assault of new features and bugfixes. At the other end, over-engineered code can burden the start-up of the development and then end up freezing the code in some rigid ‘a-priori’ design. It’s up to us to strike a balance that will preserve Developer Happiness™. To do that, we should regularly challenge the architecture...

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    ElasticSearch Inverted Index Lightning Talk

    Don’t keep it to yourself - openness and honesty in the workplace

    You must have sat in a meeting, listening to someone talk about the next great innovation and how it will revolutionise the way things are done. They’ve discovered the idea, approach, or improvement, that will take the business to the next level and they’re enthusiastically extolling its virtues. However, you’ve seen the flaw in their plan … and you said nothing. You sat there silently, letting them carry on and didn’t make a sound. Why?

    There are many reasons why we don’t speak up in situations like this and we'll look at why we don't speak up and the consequences of not doing so.

    How to use Apache Kafka and Grafana t...

  • Big Data LDN (London) is a free to attend conference and exhibition, hosting leading data and analytics experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy.
    Discuss your business requirements with 130 leading technology vendors and consultants and hear from 150 expert speakers in 9 technical and business-led conference theatres, with real-world use-cases and panel debates. Network with your peers and view the latest product launches & demos.
    Big Data LDN attendees have access to free on-site data consultancy and interactive evening community meetups.
    Join the #DataRevolution and learn how to build a bright data-driven future for your business.

  • What is it about?

    A practical workshop where attendees get to grips with the principles of Sociocracy, learn the full process of making proposals and practise the skill of making consent-based decisions. You will learn enough to be able to take it back to your workplace and implement it.

    What will you get?

    A thorough understanding of the principles of Sociocracy and consent based-decision making.

    Practical skills to enable you to start running consent-based proposals as soon as you get back to work.

    An opportunity to ask real practitioners anything you want about Sociocracy and gain real insight in to how to make it work for you.


    Pete Burden and Abi Handley are delivering this workshop.
    Pete is a business strategist who specialises in developing positive organisational cultures and promoting leadership throughout an organisation. He introduced Sociocracy to Outlandish and has been pivotal in supporting the development of the co-operative.

    Abi is a key organiser wit...