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Blockchain for Java developers

What is blockchain and why do we care? You might have heard about hash chains, blockchains, Merkle tree, UTXO, Crypto accumulator, but what do they actually mean? Why are those concepts so powerful that they could fuel such a revolution? Now all of these concepts are great but where and how would you apply them to a project?

In this session, we will take you through the basic concepts behind blockchain, explore the type of use cases where blockchain can make a difference and introduce you to a real-life example of a Java application leveraging Hyperledger Fabric.

This talk is aimed at developers and architects who are keen to learn more about Blockchain.

About the speaker

As an IBM Certified IT Architect with over 20 years of experience, Luc Desrosiers has the chance to work in different roles: developer, consultant, pre-sales architect. He recently moved with his family from Canada to the UK to join one great lab: IBM Hursley. This is where he had the opportunity to join the IBM Blockchain team. He is now working with clients across multiple industries to help them explore and understand how Blockchain technologies can enable transformative use cases and solutions.

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6pm Registration

6.30pm Blockchain for Java Developers - Luc Desrosiers (approx 1 hour)

7.30pm Questions

7.45pm To the pub - Location TBC

A huge thanks to Kings College London for providing the venue. Their Department of Informatics run a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including their Urban Informatics MSc: The course equips students with the technical, analytical, and communication skills required to conduct effective urban data analysis, with experience of detailed case study topics and the communication of results to effect change.

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