SheffieldML: Warmup on Time Series Data

We ran an open session on time series data back in January and we're picking that up again this month.

You're welcome to play with any techniques or dataset you like. If you're not sure, try our suggested data set - That's an overview page, you'll find the dataset itself in the Data tab, and other people's analysis in the Kernels tab. Beginners are more than welcome, so don't be put off!

Catch up with the group on the SheffieldML slack channel, channel #shef_ml and follow us on Twitter

You'll need a laptop (or to buddy up with someone else!). If you'd like to use Kaggle (which provides online notebooks in Python and R) then please sign up for an account at

Thanks to Sheffield Technology Parks for our venue (all they ask is that you leave them a review on Google Maps) and to Razor for sponsoring this meetup group.

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