Sheffield's Machine Learning meetup

  • We have two guest speakers for our June event!

    Sherin Mathew ( in the IBM Microsoft Practice and is organising July's AI Tech North conference in Leeds. He'll tell us "How to Disrupt the AI Disruption" (

    Our second talk will be Sean Kempton (Founder, Tisquantum Limited) presenting "Zen and the art of Artificial General Intelligence".

    This is not going to be your standard talk on AI.

    Artificial General Intelligence is seen as an almost mythical goal.
    But what even is AGI? How does it differ from current AI, and how would we go about creating it?

    In this talk I hope to challenge you, to introduce new view points, and give you a glimpse of AGI in action.

    Sean wrote his first Neural Network over 30 years ago in Ada (google it) whilst in college. In his career Sean evolved from programmer, to solution designer, to architect, to enterprise architect, finally working for CSC for 18 y...