CoTech Meetup: Money and Power: finance and banking are changing (or are they?)

This event will focus on innovation and ethics within our financial systems.

The financial crash and the technology boom have been catalysts for new systems of banking. Many new projects seek to reinstate trust in our monetary systems and provide people with more transparent and convenient ways of managing money. How are these working? What are some of the most exciting developments? And what are the negative patterns that are still being recreated? In what ways are new projects looking for inspiration in old systems?

As a network of co-ops, CoTech is rooted in sustainable and people-centred ways of organising work and money. Co-ops are entwined with credit mutuals, building societies and the like, and now we are supporting the new digital generation of fair banking. We're excited to invite a panel of experts and innovators and we'd love for you to join us to learn and discuss. We'll be hearing from:

Marloes Nicholls
Marloes is Head of Programmes at the Finance Innovation Lab, and was a co-founder of the campaign Move Your Money UK. Marloes will be talking about how tech in finance too often reinforces and exacerbates inequalities in the system. She will share ways in which the Finance Innovation Lab is trying to support change so that the future of finance serves an equitable and environmentally sustainable future.

Nonhlanhla Makuyana
Nonhlanhla Makuyana is an organiser, educator and a Decolonising Economics strategist. They've worked with new economy organisations such as Positive Money, Stir To Action ShareAction to centre racial justice in their strategies. They will speak about money and banking in relation to systems of colonisation and exploitation, particularly how money and banking is organised in a way of continuing these same patterns.

Fionn Travers-Smith
Fionn Travers-Smith is helping to develop the social impact, marketing, and market research frameworks of the Regional Community Banking movement. The movement is developing a socially responsible, economically impactful banking model to deliver inclusive growth and community benefit banking across the UK. Using the latest technology and an innovative co-operative governance model, the CSBA is establishing a movement of banks that will dramatically transform the economic landscape of banking and finance in the UK

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