CoTech Meetup

  • Transparent, Meritocratic & Peer-owned: Open Source Technology and the 21st Century Cooperative

    This event will bring together experts and innovators in the field of open source technology and the co-operative movement. We'll be examining the similarities in the two movements, in terms of the philosophies and decentralised organising methods. We'll be delving into how and why these movements are breaking away from mainstream for-profit companies and technologies.

    Terry Tyldesley
    Terry is a producer and musician, and Chair of Resonate, a new, ethical music streaming co-operative harnessing blockchain technology. Resonate is out to create a fairer music ecosystem using a #stream2own model, and by building a variety of artist-empowering services. It is going open source and believes sharing technology is vital for the co-operative movement.

    Nic Wistreich
    Nic is an active contributor to the open-source community, with a particular interest in the world of film and cinema. He has wri...