CoTech Meetup

  • How can we support the development of new digital co-operatives? What options are there in terms of investment, funding and developing sustainable financial models? How are people overcoming the current challenges, and what support do they need from each other, and the wider political landscape?

    We'll hear from Leo Sammallahti, who will be discussing Coop Exchange - A global platform cooperative for investing to cooperatives. Leo will be presenting:

    - How did Coop Exchange start?
    - What are the problems with venture capital model for platform cooperatives?
    - How does Coop Exchange solve this?
    - What makes Coop Exchange unique?
    - Where do we go from here?
    - How to get involved

    Next we'll hear from John Evans, who is part of and CodeOperative and will discuss his latest project WeCo – A platform cooperative replacement for Reddit. John will discuss:

    - Introduction to Codeoperative
    - WeCo basic features
    - WeCo decision making
    - WeCo ownership and business
    - WeCo future features and pl...