Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp: Aberdeen Data Meetup April 2019

6.30 for pizza and beers.

Talks start 7pm
Talk 1 "Commercialising Analytics, ML & AI" - Audrey Leteve (Analytics Consultant) and Leigh Sinton (Analyst) at Merkle Aquila.

Talk 2 "MyData - An Introduction" - Will Abramson, Phd candidate at Blockpass Identity Lab, Edinburgh Napier University.


Talk 1: "Commercialising Analytics, ML & AI"

As AI & ML extend beyond the confines of the tech office, there is a need to better understand its many applications. This talk aims to debunk some of the myths about AI & ML surrounding expense, accessibility and redundancy and demonstrate how to extract value in commercial AI. Through an exploration of ‘Automation of Inspection Activities’, this talk will detail commercial AI in practice and discuss how to leverage AI fast, accurately and actionably.

Bios: Audrey Leteve is an Analytics Consultant for Merkle Aquila. Audrey has over 7 years of experience working across a various panel of industries such as insurance, utilities, energy, oil and gas, financial services, retail on both client and agency side. She has experience using various statistical and machine learning techniques and is considered a guru in attribution modelling that she applied in various industries.

Leigh Sinton is an Analyst at Merkle Aquila. Leigh is a graduate in both BSc Mathematics and Statistics and also MSc Big Data, with distinction. She has a broad range of skills from employing statistical techniques to clearly communicating technical findings through effective visualisations. She has recently built and developed a deep learning image classification model for a large oil and gas company.

Talk 2 - "MyData - An Introduction"

The talk will cover the MyData principles, the global MyData community and non-profit organization. We will explain how we plan to apply these principles to Scotland through the MyData Scotland hub. How we hope to empower people in Scotland with more control over the data that they create. Most importantly we will talk about how anyone can get involved in the community. To find out more check out

Bio: Will Abramson is a PhD candidate at the Blockpass Identity Lab, Edinburgh Napier, researching privacy preserving cryptography. He attended the MyData 2018 conference which opened his eyes to both the current problems around how we manage personal data and the alternative vision that the MyData movement and others are trying to move towards. He sees understanding the personal data space as adjacent to the research he is doing into identity and is excited to be involved in this movement.

Since coming to Edinburgh 6 months ago, he and a couple of others have worked to bring the MyData to Scotland by setting up a local hub. We are very much at the start of that journey but we look forward to sharing our progress and vision for the future.

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This is a group for anyone interested in Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Technology trends. We started this group to build a community to discuss general insights into the market and share personal experiences of working and operating in this area. We hope to cover skills shortages, technological advancements and organisational implications in Data Science and Technology during our series of meetups. All skill levels are welcome.