dotnetsheff: Chocolatey with Gary Park and HTTP API patterns with Toby Henderson

This event will be split into two parts, Gary Ewan Park presenting Chocolatey and the second half will be Toby Henderson presenting HTTP API patterns.

**A night of Chocolatey! Yum!**

Details TBC

Gary Ewan Park (@gep13 (

**HTTP API patterns**

I GET how to DELETE but the real question is "To PUT or to POST?" or is it PATCH? What there's more?!

After doing the standard HTTP CRUD, sometimes you need to do more, become a little more sophisticated in your manipulation of resources and add some depth to your HTTP API.

This talk will take you through some common HTTP API patterns, provide you with names for these patterns so we can talk about them, describe what the patterns are and when they are generally used, and go through working examples.

Hopefully, this information will help people create richer HTTP APIs, make you REST easy and everything 200 OK.

Toby Henderson is an Application Architect at Huddle, the #1 SharePoint alternative for enterprise content collaboration. He has over 20 years experience of commercial software engineering and has given talks at DDD events.

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