The London Java Community: Find your Java Voice: New Speaker Night

This event is part of the Up Next initiative.

Speaking at conferences, meetups and the like can be a major boost to your career. Getting started though can be tough. Not only do you need to summon the courage to stand up in front of your peers you often find that to get accepted to a conference you need a video of you speaking. Talk about a catch-22.

The LJC, RecWorks and IBM team want to help new speakers overcome these challenges.

Track 1: Dedicated Women's Track

Our dedicated women's track will give new female speakers the chance to get feedback and advice from developers and conference speakers including Holly Cummins, Margriet Groenendijk, Stefania Chaplin and Katherine Stanley.

Track 2

New speakers will get the chance to get feedback and advice from seasoned developers who speak at conferences and meetups including Richard Warburton and Martijn Verburg.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to practise speaking and get that video, sign up today! The only requirement is that you come along with a 5 minute lightning talk all ready to go. The subject can be on anything related to computers. No slides are necessary (though you can bring them if it helps)

IBM will be providing a professional film crew who will film each speaker and create individual 5 minute videos. Only 20 places are available so please register as soon as possible.

To make this more realistic we need more than new speakers - we need an audience. So even if you don’t want to speak at a conference come along and support those brave developers who do. All attendees will be entered into our raffle for a chance to win prizes including JetBrains Licenses and O'Reilly books.

This is a placeholder for the event being held on Eventbrite. More information is available on the event page - Please ensure you sign up via Eventbrite to reserve your space as a speaker or audience member.

Tonight's venue and refreshments are kindly provided by IBM. Big thanks to JetBrains and O'Reilly Media for providing the raffle prizes.

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

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