Young People In Tech Launch Event - connecting students and employers directly

We are a group of A-level and college students in Sheffield who have come together with the aim of connecting students and employers directly. We aim to do this by organising interactive events that help students form a much better understanding of opportunities that exist, eliminating common misconceptions and making the path to a job in the technology industry much clearer!

The events are organised and led by students to help them be as enjoyable and informative as possible, removing the common power dynamic and facilitating a less formal space where students can feel more comfortable asking questions and getting to know employers and each other, helping with employment and apprenticeship opportunities in the future.

As this is the launch event it is going to be relatively small and simple, with the aim of dispelling myths about employment and building up networking connections, alongside forming the student network and finding people who would be interested in getting involved.


We welcome employers from across the tech industry who are interested in meeting students, finding out what they are learning and making, and hearing their questions directly.


If you are a post-16 student who is learning a digital subject and is interested in a career in tech, or just curious about it, this is the event for you!

Please note that the event is for post-16 students only, and if you are under 18 you must complete the parental consent form.

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