AI for Good Meetup - Fight Climate Misinformation

Join this AI for Good project that aims at combatting climate misinformation and the spread of climate-related fake news.

As the project moves forward, we are realising the big impact it could actually have, and that is really really exciting. However, we are also realising that we truly need as many hands as possible to help and that there are certain skills we currently do not have in the team!

Our aim is still to build a tool in order to help people identify articles about climate change that are not scientifically accurate or simply not true. This tool, called Climate Battle Cards, will be in the form of a plug-in that would be available to install in any browser and that will flag those arguments against climate change that are not accurate and provide the reader with scientifically reviewed counter-arguments.

We are looking for volunteers to help us in any of the following areas.
- Climate change research
- Marketing
- Product
- Data Science / Data Engineering
- Backend and Front End Software Support
- UX/UI Design

Furthermore, we are now creating new teams for organisational purposes, which means we are also looking for team leaders! See this document for more info on the teams:

You DON'T need to have any academic or professional experience in order to help! It’s sufficient with motivation and will to learn!

It is, honestly, a really fun project that has great potential. So if you are interested in climate change, or if you want to build your experience in Data Science and add a cool project to your portfolio or if you are simply looking for a fun side-project please do join the meet-up on Wednesday.

Please find more information on this leaflet:

Or simply join our slack and ping a message on #climate-misinformation channel: - there you can ask us about anything!

18:00-18:15 A round of introductions and updates
18:15-19:00 Brainstorming

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