AI for Good

  • Join this AI for Good project that aims at combatting climate misinformation and the spread of climate-related fake news.

    As the project moves forward, we are realising the big impact it could actually have, and that is really really exciting. However, we are also realising that we truly need as many hands as possible to help and that there are certain skills we currently do not have in the team!

    Our aim is still to build a tool in order to help people identify articles about climate change that are not scientifically accurate or simply not true. This tool, called Climate Battle Cards, will be in the form of a plug-in that would be available to install in any browser and that will flag those arguments against climate change that are not accurate and provide the reader with scientifically reviewed counter-arguments.

    We are looking for volunteers to help us in any of the following areas.
    - Climate change research
    - Marketing
    - Product
    - Data Science / Data Engineering
    - Backend and Fr...

  • This is a special edition meetup focused on data gathering and analytics to combat domestic abuse and violence.

    Over recent months, thanks to an experienced charity worker, we got in contact with big and small charities and noticed how they produce and collect data but don’t know how to make the most out of it (such as providing better and more support to those experiencing abuse, being more efficient, fundraising, etc.). So, we agreed we would find possible ways to put charities in contact with data experts as well as researchers in academia. Read more here:

    At this point, we would like to invite Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Academic Researchers in the Combat Domestic Abuse & Violence space to provide input and collaborate on a pilot project.

    If you are one of those or you know anyone with a relevant skillset - please join and invite your friends to this meetup by...