AI for Good Meetup - Data to Combat Violence and Abuse in Relationships

This is a meetup to focus on data and technology-based solutions, aiming to combat violence and abuse in relationships.

In recent months we contacted, interviewed, and ran workshops alongside Charities large and small. It has become very apparent that the resources for support towards people in abusive relationships is very fragmented.

We believe in an idea to build a complete service, that has victims and survivors at its core, making available all relevant information and putting them in directly contact with the appropriate support network according to the stage of their journey. They could simply need reassurance to make a positive decision, may need legal help, need shelter or financial support. It will also consider their background or whether they are from marginalised groups - such as LGBTQI and or migrant women.

Our mission is to support with the help of data and tech whoever is in an abusive relationship knowing there are tools, services, and groups they can connect to. This is without forgetting the role technology itself can play as a tool for abuse, so, among others, we face the challenge to build a support platform that is secure, safe, invisible, and anonymised.

To do so, we would like to invite YOU to provide input and collaborate on a pilot project with the following skills:
- Digital Marketing and SEO Experts
- Designers
- Developers
- Data Analysts
- Data Scientist
- Data Engineers
- Academic Researchers

If you have those skills or know anyone has - please join and invite your friends to this meetup by sharing this page link with them. Furthermore, we welcome people from all backgrounds as long as they are passionate to collaborate and use their skills for the greater good.

Some house rules to join this meetup:
- Please sign the T&Cs regarding contributing to community projects:
- Join our slack to stay tuned:

18:00-18:10 Introduction
18:10-18:20 Checking the latest status
18:20-19:00 Project discussion and next steps

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