UX Sheffield: 'Design Thinking Dad' with Paul Bailey

'Design Thinking Dad' - Why I take my work home (and you should too)

Over the last few years, Design Thinking Dad (DTD) has been on a transformational personal journey — from a 'Digital Designer' trapped by waterfall delivery, to a 'Design Thinker' working in a fast-paced Enterprise Agile environment.

In this talk, he'll share what he’s learned and show how – armed with only an abundant supply of post-it notes – he's using Design Thinking at work to empower creative teams and in his personal life to tackle the everyday challenges of being a parent.

This talk will help you to...

– generate fresh ideas to your everyday challenges
– avoid living in ‘default’ mode
– understand what ‘human skills’ you’ll need to ‘robot-proof’ your career

And perhaps most importantly, he’ll share ‘5 top Design Thinking tricks’ that will help you survive lock-down 2.0 without losing the plot!

You don’t have to be a Dad or even a parent to enjoy this talk...

DTD will share practical Design Thinking mindsets and methods that anyone can use to lead a more meaningful, creative and joy filled life (it just so happens that his biggest pain-points usually involve his kids!)

to (Europe/London time)

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