UX Sheffield

A bi-monthly event in Sheffield where we invite speakers from around the country to come and talk about their experiences in UX research and design projects.

  • Quantitative research, qualitative research, heat mapping and analytics all have a part to play in understanding the user experience.

    But what if the user experience is a bit more complex than a website or an app? What if people had to navigate a heritage site, a museum or an art gallery while holding a bespoke digital device? What if the content on that device was considered, by the organisation, an essential element of their visit experience? And what if the interface, architecture or content on that device hadn’t been tested?

    The visitor is having to negotiate a physical space, a digital space and take in information on skeletons of giant pre-historic sloths (they existed, I’ll bring a picture), or try and grasp the nuances of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist works. The cognitive load is immense, so how do visitors find this experience?

    Go along with them and find out, that’s what I do. Be that third wheel or gooseberry, be Louis Theroux during their visit (with the...