UX Sheffield: 'Living in UX Paradise – A UX Future Vision' with Rolf Molich

We are thrilled to announce that 'living usability legend' Rolf Molich, who in 1990 co-invented the Heuristic Evaluation method with Jakob Nielsen, will be speaking at November’s UX Sheffield.

During this special UX Sheffield webinar, Rolf Molich will present specific examples of ambitious goals for UX maturity which UX professionals can strive for in their organisation. The goals are presented in the form of two scenarios or stories about personas who work for, or are customers of Delta Market, which is a fictitious chain of supermarkets that has reached the highest UX maturity level according to generally accepted UX maturity models.

UX Sheffield is sponsored by Bunnyfoot and Evoluted.

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More details and tickets: www.bigmarker.com

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