The London Java Community: Java to Golang: An Intro

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Java to Golang: An Intro

Golang is a popular second language choice for Java developers but coming at Golang from Java can be confusing. Let's try to get our bearings with Golang and its ecosystem. We'll aim to get a feel for Go code but most of all the way the ecosystem works, how dependencies are handled and the landscape of tools.

The shift from Java to Golang has challenges at a language level. But more challenging is learning your way around without Spring Boot selecting libraries and offering canonical uses.

Kubernetes Operators with Go: A Short Case Study with Zeebe

Go’s support for Kubernetes is awesome. Here, Mauricio Salatino will dive into what you can achieve by walking us through how the Zeebe operator creates Kubernetes resources to satisfy Custom Resource requests.

Java vs Challenger Languages

Java recently lost the ‘most popular language’ crown. Is it still cool? Are challenger languages like Go stealing its mojo? We’ll discuss why perceptions of Java might be shifting and reasons to be hopeful about its future.

About the speakers

Ryan Dawson is a core member of the Seldon open source team, providing tooling for machine learning deployments to Kubernetes ( He has spent 10 years working in the Java Development scene in London across a variety of industries.

Mauricio Salatino is a Principal Software Engineer at Camunda and a LearnK8s Instructor. Mauricio has been working with Kubernetes for the last 4 years, training teams and developing cloud native applications.
In his journey, he has participated in several open source projects including Zeebe, Jhipster, Spring Cloud and Jenkins X.

Mauricio is currently very involved with the CD Foundation as well with the CNCF Serverless Working Group helping the Workflow initiative to move forward. Mauricio's Twitter is @salaboy


6.30pm: Doors Open/Registration
7pm: Java to Golang: An Into - Ryan Dawson - approx 40 minutes
7:40pm: Kubernetes Operators with Go: A Short Case Study with Zeebe - Mauricio Salatino - approx 15 minutes
7:55pm: Java vs Challenger Languages - Ryan Dawson and Mauricio Salatino - approx 20 minutes
8:15pm: Finish

*** This is a placeholder for the event being run on Eventbrite. Please sign up with your full name here: ***

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