ONE Tech Hub (ONE CodeBase)

ONE Tech Hub,
AB10 1FR
  • Aberdeen PHP User Group aims to provide regular meetings for developers in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas to get together and discuss just about anything in and around the PHP Community.

    We usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month and run talks or open conversations around a variety of tech topics; with a focus on PHP development but extending to general development practises.

    We usually meet at ONE Codebase, School Hill, Aberdeen. We usually start at 6:30pm and run till about around 8:30 or 9:00pm.

    We provide pizza, beer, soft drinks and terrible jokes.

    The group is diverse, welcoming, sociable, relaxed, irreverent, informative and fun.

    It is probably a good idea to check AberdeenPHP on Twitter a couple of days before the meeting, incase the time or venue has changed.