Union St. Co-working Space

Union St is on the corner opposite First Point - see www.union-st.org

18-20 Union Street
S1 2JP
  • Please note that this event is ticketed as previous similar events have proved to be reasonably popular. Tickets are free but donations to our hosts, Union St., will be welcome on the day. The link for the ticket page is here: www.eventbrite.com

    The micro:bit and hardware project evenings are intended for the most part to be an excuse to play around. You will be encouraged to pair or team up with others and see what you can make. If you are a newcomer to python, you will be learning by experimentation rather than through a formal tutorial. There are expected to be a number of people with enough knowledge of python around to help those who get stuck.

    There will be some micro:bits available to play with over the evening although you can bring your own. Alternatively you might choose to bring a Raspberry Pi or anything else you want.

    Attendees are also encouraged to bring along any projects they...