Sheffield IoT Meetup

Sheffield IoT Meetup is for those interested in the Internet of Things - everyone is welcome!

Our aims are to:

- Create a vibrant group around IoT and cybersecurity that enables individuals and organisations to share their capability and stimulate discussion and collaboration (sales-type pitches are discouraged).
- Enable real-world IoT applications, through facilitating technology research/development and commercial progress.
- Help position Sheffield as a leading IoT centre and lay the groundwork for larger events/activities that reinforce this reputation.

The meetup is led by:
Ioetec: A Sheffield based IoT start-up working to improve cyber security for IoT devices

With sponsorship from:
Pitch-In: A collaborative project, led by the University of Sheffield, connecting capabilites to support IoT adoption

Additional supporters include:
Things Network Sheffield, SmartSheffield, IoT Security Foundation

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