Bitcoin Sheffield

  • Third time lucky. Newcomers welcome.

    This meetup will begin with another animated presentation on the basics of how bitcoin works. This one will focus on bitcoin transactions.

    It will answer questions like:

    * What is a bitcoin transaction?
    * How do bitcoin transactions actually work?
    * Where do bitcoins come from?
    * What are transaction fees and why are they important?
    * How do bitcoin wallets work?

    In short, this talk will cover everything you need to know about how bitcoin transactions work.

    This talk will contain some technical details about bitcoin transactions, but it's designed to be very beginner-friendly, so don't be afraid to come if you don't have a technical understanding of bitcoin. However, even if you're already pretty experienced with bitcoin I'm hoping there will still be a few things you'll find interesting.

    So whether your a complete beginner or crypto expert, please feel free to come along. We will be heading to the pub after the talk.

    See you there!