Bitcoin Sheffield

  • Are you interested in Bitcoin, but don't know where to start? Do you already have some bitcoin, but want to learn more about security?

    Then this talk is for you.

    The presentation will include live demonstrations, and will answer the most common questions involved in getting started with Bitcoin, such as:

    * What is Bitcoin?
    * What is a wallet and which one should I use?
    * Where is the safest place to buy bitcoin?
    * What happens when I make a bitcoin transaction?
    * How can I keep my bitcoin secure?

    Basically it's a complete introduction to using Bitcoin. It is aimed at beginners, but also aims to be useful for those who already have experience. And no, you don't have to be techy to understand the topics in this talk.

    So if you're interested in learning more about Bitcoin, feel free to come along. Newcomers are welcome (and this is the ideal time to come if you're new)!


    Who's giving the talk?

    My name is Greg Walker, and I've been working with Bitcoin for over 5 years. I've d...