Wordpress Glasgow

Wordpress Glasgow meets every 4th Tuesday and every 2nd Thursday of each month in the city centre. Everyone is welcome: designers, developers and users of WordPress, with all levels of experience.

  • Doors open at 6pm for our talk to start at 6:30pm.
    This talk is suitable for relative beginners on WordPress.
    Page Builders allow non-developers to create unique and attractive layouts for most WordPress websites.
    Claudia Kirkwood of SuperSimpleWebsites has been using Page Builders for several years, particularly BeaverBuilder and will illustrate the pros and cons of using them. She will also compare their functionality with the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) and how they will fare in the future.
    If you are using (or thinking of using) Page Builders for your website, then this is the talk for you.
    We look forward to seeing you here.

  • Doors open at 6pm for our talk to start at 6:30pm.
    Having postponed our July MeetUp we expect you have lots of questions lined up for our workshop/helpdesk session.
    Bring your laptop and your WordPress questions... someone will either have the answer for you or know someone else who does.
    And you may have a solution for somebody else! We're all learning so don't think that everyone else knows more. You may have just the expertise that someone is looking for.