Wordpress Glasgow

Wordpress Glasgow meets every 4th Tuesday and every 2nd Thursday of each month in the city centre. Everyone is welcome: designers, developers and users of WordPress, with all levels of experience.

  • “SHOW AND TELL” where anybody can share what cool stuff they’ve built with the new Block Editor!

    So far this is what we have in the program:

    * Neil Scott will show us a Gutenberg block he has built

    * The meetup organising team will tell us what WordPress has in the pipeline for the Block Editor.

    Get in touch if you have done something cool with the new editor, have had a go at writing a block from scratch or have found a smart feature you’d like to share!

    In the meantime, here’s a couple of WordPress community posts you may find of interest:

    * WordPress Editor guide from the WordPress Support team: wordpress.org

    * A proposal for the future from the WordPress Meta team: make.wordpress.org

    * What’s new in Gutenberg, from the WordPress Core team: make.wordpress.org

  • We have plenty of ideas about all the fab stuff we could do at the Glasgow Wordpress meetup... But we would also love to hear what you would like it to be about.

    Everyone's welcome regardless of experience. We'll always do our best to hold our events at accessible venues and maintain entry free of charge.

    Come along and become part of the growing community!

    We'll be posting more information about each particular event as time goes by...