Sheffield Test Gathering (ShefTest)

A regular meetup for people interested in or involved in software testing.
Come and meet other testers and others involved in software development.

  • We know that everyone loves a talk about a new automation or security tool, or a live demo of some cool new framework... But tonight we're talking about the most important tool a tester can wield - their brain! We've got a couple of great talks about the skills a that a human tester can bring to the table and why we'll still be safe when the robots take over.

    The rough running order for the evening will be:

    6:30 - Doors open
    7:00 - First Talk
    7:30 - Break and food
    7:45 - Second Talk
    8:15 - Leg stretch
    8:30 - Head off to a local pub for networking and such.


    Talk one: Iain Mc - Why all new parents are basically testers.

    For the past 18 months, almost all Iain has done is be a parent or a tester, and it turns out some of the skills required are transferable! He'll be taking a (hopefully) entertaining look at where the two jobs overlap.


    Talk two: Cat Luker - Why Can't We All Just get Along?

    Robots are takin' our jawbs! Manual testing is old news! It's all about automating i...