PHP Cambridge

  • Please note: Because of the world cup football, this is the rescheduled meetup. Normally our meetups are the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

    Ruth Ivimey-Cook will lead a short talk examining some of the many ways that web projects are deployed to production servers and her experiences of doing so, to set the scene for a group discussion. We want to explore both good and bad deployment experiences and processes (not only those mentioned) to produce what we think of as best practice. Ruth will post a summary of the main points after the event.

    We welcome notes about less usual deployment methods for inclusion in the introductory talk. Please pass on details in a few short paragraphs to the organisers (John, Simon or Jo) by 6th July.


    Ruth is an experienced senior software engineer and Drupal webdev, currently working for CPL's digital team as a full stack developer. She has been part of the Drupal community since 2011 and has worked with PHP since 1999. She has hosted her own internet...