Scottish Blockchain Meetup

A chance for people to get together regularly to talk blockchain tech, Bitcoin, Ethereum and decentralisation in general. The group is open to everyone involved in the blockchain and Bitcoin communities - experts, amateurs, miners, critics, whoever. If in doubt, come along and learn something new.

  • Daniel Broby - Director Financial Reg & Innovation Strathclyde Business School

    Daniel Broby will give a short presentation and lead a discussion on

    “The Dark Side of Blockchain”

    It should prove to be an entertaining evening, as the drawbacks and issues are typically brushed under the carpet.

    Lecture Theatre SW105
    University of Strathclyde
    199 Cathederal Street
    Glasgow G4 0QU
    United Kingdom

    Event schedule:
    5.30pm : Arrive, Networking, Beer & Pizza
    6.00pm: Presentations / Q&A
    7.00pm: Networking and Drinks
    8.00pm: Finish - Off to the Pub

  • Location now confirmed as Deloitte, Castle Terrace:

    Susan Ramonat, CEO, Spiritus Partners - 'Reflections on the Revolution: The Impact on Financial Services'.

    Always driven to provide over the horizon leadership, Susan Ramonat brings over 25 years of executive experience on Wall Street and in banking. Susan established the Blockchain program strategy for a leading technology service provider to global wealth and investment managers. She speaks frequently about Blockchain, cybersecurity and operational resilience for audiences ranging from healthcare, financial services, and other critical infrastructure industries to academic researchers and government agencies in the US and UK. She also serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for Engineering Science at Loyola University Chicago. Susan is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University.

    Event schedule:
    6.30pm : Arrive, Networking, Beer & Pizza
    7.00pm: Presentation / Q&A

  • Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, PhD, FBCS, FIET,CEng, BSc (Hons)

    Topic: The Times They Are A Changin: New Worlds, New Opportunities and Finally Saying Goodbye to an Old World, Prof Bill Buchanan, OBE
    Abstract: Bill will provide a vision of the future, and where many of our existing methods used in information systems will crumble and be replaced by a more trusted world which is both distributed and resilient. Along with the way, Bill will outline some of the fundamental methods which are changing our viewpoint of data and information architectures, including the move toward the full anonymisation of data, and showcase current work in areas such as health care, voting and construction.
    Time: 45 mins

    Liam Bell - Research Fellow - Cybersecurity & Blockchain

    Topic: Building a Blockchain Identity Lab,
    Abstract: The Blockpass Identity Lab – based on the Merchiston Campus - is a three-year collaboration between Edinburgh Napier University and Blockpass...