Python Glasgow

The user group for Pythonistas in Glasgow.

Python Glasgow meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Other events such as talks and dojos will be announced on the mailing list and twitter account.

  • Join us for a night of Python talks at the central Skyscanner office in Glasgow. We will have two talks (details below). Skyscanner will be providing us with food and drinks.

    Doors open at 17:30, please arrive by 18:30 at the latest.
    Pizza will arrive at 18:00.
    First talks will start at 18:30.

    Please note: 155 St Vincent Street reception is locked from 17:30 onwards. To access the building please wait patiently by the front door a member of Skyscanner will then be able to unlock the door and provide access. Access can only be guaranteed up until 18:30.

    Talk 1: APIs On The Scale of Decades by Gary Fleming

    "APIs are hard. They are pretty much ship now, regret later." -- Chet Haase.

    What do Greek philosophy, early video games, and Japanese bullet trains tell us about how we should design our APIs?

    Writing any old API is easy. Writing an API that can evolve to meet your needs over the coming months, years, and even decades; now that's hard. We'll look at some common practices and try...