Serverless architecture will provide a myriad of commercial and technical benefits and opportunities for enterprise and represents a revolutionary approach to the development of new software initiatives and applications.

But what is serverless architecture and why does it matter in terms of enterprise scalability and cost control? Serverless architecture will enable enterprise to rapidly shift away from legacy technology systems and infrastructure. In the modern digital age, all enterprises are ‘technology companies’ and serverless architecture will provide a fast and effective way to redefine how IT services are developed and deployed.

Join us for the Waracle Meetup on January 29th 2020 – for top talks and amazing insights, expert advice and real-world examples of how serverless architecture is disrupting the status quo, and breathing new life into old methods. Take a dive into the future of enterprise and learn how serverless architecture is enabling big business to overcome the challenges of dealing with legacy technology and infrastructure. If you’re serious about powering your enterprise through digital innovation then this meetup is for you.

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