Scottish Blockchain Meetup: Wisdom and wealth, are bitcoin newcomers doomed?

Wisdom and wealth, are bitcoin newcomers doomed? - Max Sherwood - After mining bitcoin in 2013 and witnessing the technology firsthand, Max began investing and proceeded to learn many lessons the hard way. Five years later, his failures led to eventual success, but he wondered what it would take for new crypto investors to avoid these painful experiences and make the right moves from Day 1. In 2019, Max launched an online course for beginner bitcoin investors, pointing to the lack of high-quality investment information as a major hurdle to bitcoin’s adoption. Full agenda and location will be confirmed ASAP - The event will be in Edinburgh.

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A chance for people to get together regularly to talk blockchain tech, Bitcoin, Ethereum and decentralisation in general. The group is open to everyone involved in the blockchain and Bitcoin communities - experts, amateurs, miners, critics, whoever. If in doubt, come along and learn something new.