Agile Sheffield: Stress - how to deal with it.

We have a real treat for agile Sheffield members at the next meetup on Tuesday 10th December.

Peta Pinnock from Vital Force Massage ( will be joining us to provide an interactive session to explore the causes and effects of stress and what we can do about it.

She’ll be explaining about movement (or lack of) and will be getting everyone up and moving! She’s also going to be talking about nutrition - food, liquid, sunlight, air, attitude, perception; how massage works - energy, circulation; self help - breathing techniques, meditation; and what to do going forwards, and creating an action plan.

We’ll also receive a handout with all the information on that everyone can take away. She’s even going to bring her massage chair to do some demo’s!

It'll be light, fun and easy to follow and you only have to join in if you want to.

The aim is to get people taking notice of what their bodies are saying, understand it and take responsibility for doing something about it.

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