SheffieldDevops: Sheffield Devops November 2019

The next Sheffield Devops event takes place at Kelham Island Musem on Thursday 14 November 2019 at 6pm.

Our event is generously hosted by our sponsors Affecto Recruitment with the first talk starting at 6:30pm.

We're striving for Sheffield Devops to be an inclusive event that is open to all. We operate a Code of Conduct and are happy to meet & greet people on arrival. Please drop us a message on Twitter if you have any queries or would just like a chat ahead of the event.


6:00 - 6:30: Doors open

6:30 - 7:15: Lucy Davinhart (Automation Engineer at Sky Betting & Gaming)

"How We Accelerated Our Vault Adoption With Terraform"

7:15 - 7:30: Break

7:30 - 8:15: Manjit Sagoo (Chief Architect – IRIS Software Group)

"Something old, something new; Integrating legacy desktop systems with a modern AWS Cloud platform"

About the Speakers

How We Accelerated Our Vault Adoption With Terraform

"When we first started with Vault for secret management, we were the all powerful admins doing everything manually. This was an audit nightmare, and with increasingly more users, our workload became unmanageable. We could not let that stand. We have the word "Automation" in our job titles, after all. In this talk, I will outline how we started chipping away at the manual processes, keeping track of changes over time, and automating parts of our configuration. And I will show you where we are today, with Pull Requests, ChatOps, and Terraform. While our specific pipeline is not going to be the best for everyone, I hope you come away from this talk with ideas for how to manage your own Vault clusters.

Lucy Davinhart is an automation engineer at Sky Betting & Gaming, meaning their job is to maintain internal platforms and services (e.g. Vault), finding ways to do things manually as infrequently as possible, and supporting their internal customers using some of the HashiCorp toolset. Lucy is a non-binary trans woman. In their spare time, when not catching up on Netflix, they fiddle around with silly coding projects, sometimes live on the Internet where everyone can see their typos."

Something old, something new; Integrating legacy desktop systems with a modern AWS Cloud platform

"IRIS Software Group is the UK’s largest privately held software company serving over 650,000 SMEs, 21,000 accountancy firms and over 11,000 schools through our 16 office locations across the country. 12 months ago we embarked on an ambitious journey to modernise the IRIS software portfolio through a cloud based platform support a broad range of microservices. This talk will explore some of the challenges in lifting this project off paper and into the cloud!"

Code of Conduct:

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More Information

The devops group in Sheffield has been founded to provide a forum for discussion on:

* Adoption of software development lifecycle practices into operations and system administration.
* Creating collaborative working culture/environment for developers and operations teams.
* Applying agile principles in an environment dominated by changes, firefighting and reluctance to change.
* Automation - version control, branching strategies, CI/CD pipelines, deployment and monitoring.
* Metrics - collection of system/application/business/build/SLM metrics and the subsequent reporting and sharing.
* Technology - cool new tools from clusters to containers, cloud solutions, paas, iaas, visualization, monitoring and dashboards - just so long as they help create the devops culture.
* Adoption of Lean principles to improve the flow of work through an organisation.

We plan to meet on the second Thursday of each month in central Sheffield, we’ll have a couple of talks on the above subject areas and then head to a nearby public house to continue the discussion in an more informal manner.

We’re on the look out for speakers, so if you (or someone you know) have a passion for any of the above topics and have something to share then please get in touch via email or twitter.

The group has been created thanks to the efforts of great people on the Sheffield Digital slack channel for the digital community in Sheffield - if you want to lend a hand in running the group or have any ideas to make it bigger and better then please get in touch.