Digital Meet Manufacturing: Lunch & Learn

‘Big Data’ and ‘Data Scientist’ may seem like rebadged technology and a modern-day job title, but they are a must for all manufacturers to understand. This is the direction the industry is taking right now.

In this informal session, the second in the AMRC’s Digital Meet Manufacturing campaign, Technical Lead at the Integrated Manufacturing Group Kieran Edge will present how we’re working with international manufacturers to solve problems and how that data collected throws up new problems.

As we connect more devices, collect more data and understand the value from that data, the volume of it will continue to grow exponentially. This means new skills are needed to organise that data. The time for this is now, not the future, but it does not come without its problems.

Digital Meet Manufacturing is the AMRC’s campaign to lead the way in connecting digital and manufacturing together in a way that benefits both sectors.

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