Agile Sheffield: Agile projects in Cross Cultural teams

This month our agile meetup event is going to be a talk delivered by one of our members - Rizwan Ullah.

Agile projects in Cross Cultural teams:

As Waterfall approach to software development is gradually becoming history, agile software development methodology has become the present and future of software development. The impact has been huge and its tailored forms have been adopted in other engineering disciplines.

Most people in the field of technology now understand the meaning of terms such as MVP, backlog refinement, sprint planning, reviews and retrospectives.
Over the past couple of decades those teams have become more increasingly cross cultural. Culture is defined as the programming of the mind and statistically speaking cross cultural teams either do really well, or not well at all. So, they are on either side of the bell curve.
This talk will focus on how some appreciation of culture can be leveraged into making a cross cultural team more effective. The talk will at least aim to answer a few questions, if not then at least raise a few more!

Rizwan has been working in IT industry for over 19 years. Recently he has been working as a senior Java developer at Hermes and he has previously he has worked for Learndirect, DWP, Nokia, BJSS, Saudi Telecom and Thales Group.
He holds an MSc (Eng) in Control System from the University of Sheffield and also an MBA from the Bradford University School of Management.

Meet at 6:30 for a 7pm start.
Aim to finish by around 9pm.

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