Edinburgh Data Visualization Meetup 9

Hi all,

This month's meeting will feature:

Nicola Osborne (#CreativeInformatics, University of Edinburgh) with a reprise of her Edinburgh Fringe Festival Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas show.
Nicola reckons data-driven technologies are inspiring new and unexpected opportunities for creative people and organisations to think about what they do, how they do it and how they make a living from doing what they love.
Data will shape media, performance, crafts, whole new cultural experiences and forms of value. Do you agree? Do you know what data-driven technologies are? Is this all promising too much? Bring wild ideas, questions or your (data-driven) heckles!


Data comics are a way of effectively communicating with data through data visualizations. They are inspired by the visual language of comics. This page lists examples we found online and those created during our research. We hope this website and our examples support a wider discussion and inspire journalists, artists, data scientists, and others to create their own data comics and help exploring and discovering this novel medium.


Why change from Mondays?
We asked you over summer what weekday you most prefer to meet, and the result was Thursdays. So that's our default from now on (though due to speaker availability, etc., some events may have to be on other days).

Food and refreshments provided ヽ(•‿•)ノ (and due to which we will be taking a slightly longer break and finishing a little later).

Sponsored by Cirrus Logic.
Cirrus Logic's engineers and data scientists design intelligent audio chips that power the smartphone in your pocket, consumer and car audio systems, and smart homes. As a major presence in the buzzing local tech ecosystem, Cirrus Logic is proud to sponsor the Edinburgh Data Visualisation Meetup.


As usual, there's time and space if you would like to share anything.
We're always open to suggestions for topics and speakers, so let us know if you have someone or something in mind.
See you at the meetup, and do bring along your friends & colleagues.
Brendan (Hill), Ben (Bach), Uta (Hinrichs)

VENUE: this meeting is at our existing venue, Inspace at the University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre for Data Science. See below for details.

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