Edinburgh Data Visualization

  • Jack Sleight & colleague

    I'll 'show and tell' my covid Scotland app that I developed using the Shiny package in R. I'll aim to:

    - Briefly introduce how Shiny works and how it aims to makes web development easy for novices like myself
    - Explain the data sources, how the app manipulates the data and updates daily
    - Walk through the app itself describing its basic structure and the motivation behind the design

    In the second half of the meeting, a colleague will talk more broadly about the sorts of analysis/ visualisations we do.

    I have been working as a Bioinformatician since October 2019 following a masters in Bioinformatics from Glasgow University and a BSc in Biochemistry and Pharmacology from Strathclyde University. In my current role I have been involved in a whole range of different projects, from profiling of disease vs. normal tissue using gene expression data, to utilising gene expression and whole genome sequencing data to try and identify novel biomarkers or gene signat...