Sheffield Test Gathering (ShefTest): Testing Platforms and tools

After last weeks lighting talks, we're back with a more technical meetup. As testing is getting more technical and the industry is shifting more towards Devops, we thought we'd have another evening on Testing Platforms.

Our first talk is from Tim Allen, Devops Engineer at 3Squared who will be delivering a talk on; 'Automated Tested within CI/CD'.

"This will be a look at running automated tests within a CI/CD pipeline, handling errors and promoting successful builds. Not a tutorial as such but more of the shift in culture needed to make something like this work."

Our second talk will be from our co-organiser, and quickly becoming a regular speaker, Samuel Turner who will be delivering his talk; 'On-Demand Test Platforms at U Account'.

"At U Account we can provision entire test platforms as and when we need them, via a Slackbot we call Jarvis. As the platforms live in AWS (each in an EC2 instance), there's no limit to the number of platforms we can have provisioned at any one time.

I'm going to share an overview of our infrastructure, the things we've learnt, the advantages this has given us so far, and what we're planning on doing with it next."


The rough running order for the evening will be:

6:30 - Doors open
7:00 - First Talk
7:30 - Break and food
7:45 - Second Talk
8:15 - Leg stretch
8:30 - Head off to a local pub for networking and such.


Big thanks to our sponsors - U Account for keeping us fed and watered, and Tech Parks for letting us use their wonderful meeting space! And Ministry of Testing for just existing and being awesome. | |

As always, if you'd like to sponsor, host or speak at a future event then please do get in touch! And don't forget to keep an eye on the Meetup page or on for details of upcoming events.

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