Scottish Blockchain Meetup: BlockthisSpace - A Space Sector and Blockchain mash-up

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Speakers / Panel

Richard Hilton - Director - Explore Markets at Satellite Applications Catapult -

Richard will talk about block-chain use within the space sector, ranging from upstream manufacture to downstream applications.

Alan McLarney - Chief Innovation Officer at Envisage Space Ltd -

Liam Bell -

We also have a representative from SoXSA (TBC)

Duncan has a premium account - CEO & Co-founder at Blockchain Technology Partners -

Paul Forrest - Chairman, MBN Solutions -

After a delightful summer break, Space Technology Scotland working in partnership with Scottish Blockchain Meetup (powered by MBN Solutions – based in Glasgow) is delighted to announce BlockthisSpace – A Space Sector and Blockchain mash-up event.

This cross-industry event will be a mash-up between the Scottish Space Sector and Scotland’s blockchain Industry. Our aim is to explore the huge potential for collaboration, skills and knowledge exchange, and the possible new business opportunities between space and blockchain developers.

The evening will be split into two parts.

For the first hour we will have speakers from both the space and blockchain sectors, followed by a panel discussion focused on the 'exploration of collaboration'
The second hour will provide a networking opportunity over beer and pizza, kindly provided by MBN

As with all events, if anyone is feeling brave there are a few open mic slots available to give a quick 60 second introduction about themselves, their work, any challenges they are facing or a pitch about their business.

Anyone wishing to get involved by speaking at a future event please come and see our team during the evening. We encourage a wide variety of disciplines to be involved, so if you are doing some amazing work and you want the community to know, please let us know and we will feature you in an upcoming event.

Please note that for this event you will need to RSVP, that way we can let site security know how many we are expecting.

As always, we are very much looking forward to meeting you all!

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