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The most productive and innovative organisations are those that can navigate uncertainty most effectively. The fundamental uncertainty that we encounter is uncertainty around human behaviour. How can we be certain that a person, or a team, or an organisation will behave in a particular way? How can we shift mindsets to be more certain of our intended outcomes? How can we become more certain of our own behaviours, so we can show up authentically, instead of always feeling like impostors?

The conventional approach to working with behavioural uncertainty is trying to minimise it by using apparently objective approaches such as psychometric tools or behavioural inventories. Although these seemingly objective approaches may provide the comfortable illusion of behavioural predictability, the reality is that they are poor predictors of behavioural outcomes.

Rather than working with these invalidated and unreliable tools, it is far more effective to validate our perspectives and rely on our perceptions to successfully navigate uncertain situations. The Human Space is a psychological sense making framework that guides you as you engage with your perspectives and perceptions to understand where you are and who you are in any uncertain situation.

In this Future of Work in Scotland evening, Ian McLaren Wallace will introduce the Human Space and some ways of working with it to navigate complex and uncertain real-life challenges. The evening will be highly interactive in a relaxed and psychologically safe environment, so why not join us and navigate where you’ve come from, where you are and where you would like to go in a real-life challenge. And as you do so, explore who you’ve been, who you are and who you would like to be.

Ian McLaren Wallace is an award-winning psychologist, founder of psychology consultancy Human Associates and recently voted the U.K.’s most innovative business psychologist. He works with high potential individuals and high-performance organisations to help them find meaning, realise purpose and unleash potential. Ian is the originator of the Human Space, a psychological framework for making sense of human behaviour.

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