The Future of Work in Scotland

(Previously Scaling Agile and DevOps Scotland)

  • An evening with Knut Fahlen author of the books Dynamic Management Strategy (2018) and Beyond Budgeting in practice (2016, in Swedish).

    In this remote event Knut will take us through his thoughts on how to create a dynamic management model in a period of instability, unpredictability and constant disruption. How can we move away from traditional models of budgeting, planning and command-and-control leadership?

    Knut is a certified management consultant, lectures in numerous subjects and holds a PhD in Logistics and Cost Management.

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  • Many organisations don't really want to change how they do business and believe that they can continue on how they always have while still getting better at delivering software. They are wrong!

    While there are organisations that are successfully scaling out there, they are few and far between. What are the commonalities between these organisations and how have they managed to get past the illusion of scaled agile to the values and principals that are allowing them to leave their competitors in the dust?

    To go big, you have to go small!

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