Sheffield Test Gathering (ShefTest): The Humans of Testing

We know that everyone loves a talk about a new automation or security tool, or a live demo of some cool new framework... But tonight we're talking about the most important tool a tester can wield - their brain! We've got a couple of great talks about the skills a that a human tester can bring to the table and why we'll still be safe when the robots take over.

The rough running order for the evening will be:

6:30 - Doors open
7:00 - First Talk
7:30 - Break and food
7:45 - Second Talk
8:15 - Leg stretch
8:30 - Head off to a local pub for networking and such.


Talk one: Iain Mc - Why all new parents are basically testers.

For the past 18 months, almost all Iain has done is be a parent or a tester, and it turns out some of the skills required are transferable! He'll be taking a (hopefully) entertaining look at where the two jobs overlap.


Talk two: Cat Luker - Why Can't We All Just get Along?

Robots are takin' our jawbs! Manual testing is old news! It's all about automating in the CI / CD cloud with the IoT blockchain! Neither of these is really the situation on the ground with software testing today, so what's the best approach? Cat will talk about differences in approach, where manual testing is better than automated and vice versa, and even tackles the vexed question of unit tests. Come to this talk to discover a third way, or at least hear me rant about Jenkins :D


Big thanks to our sponsors - U Account for keeping us fed and watered, and Tech Parks for letting us use their wonderful meeting space! And Ministry of Testing for just existing and being awesome. | |

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